RACISM: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

How many times will this energy resurface until we finally ‘get it’? How many times will we play out the abuser or the victim? How many times will we allow ourselves to be swept away by our lower animal instincts?

We cannot transform that which we aren’t aware; we cannot transform that which we don’t properly understand; we cannot let go of what we aren’t willing to forgive…

May this be the time we understand and transform. In this now moment and as long as it takes!

Let us shed our personal and collective ignorance and be willing to walk into the fire of transformation together. For what is happening ‘out there’ is merely a reflection of what is happening inside each and every one of us. This is why we have missed it, the key to transformation is waiting within. We each have direct responsibility and powerful opportunities to make meaningful change within ourselves.  

Stop! Expose and Dismantle this energy. Allow our true self to emerge.

Please take a deep breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for all those who cannot breathe, for all of those who have suffered at the hands of racism. This breath is for all the social and economic injustice, all the pain and suffering, all of the tragic reality of having to live in a world with racism.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for all those who are caught in the grips of fear, in the grips of needing to be superior. This breath is for all those who carry pain and suffering in their heart with no other way to release it.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for our parents, our grandparents and all of our ancestors. For each of us is the living, breathing representative of our own family tree. As such, each of us carries ancestral energies of pain and suffering, injustice, guilt and shame, remorse for ancient racial wounds and therefore each of us has immediate access to its recognition and forgiveness.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for those who would incite or partake in violence for the experience of violence itself, or those that would outright manipulate our citizens and culture to meet their own subversive agenda with the purpose of dividing America.

Stop! Expose and Dismantle this energy. Allow the Highest Good for All to emerge.

Please take another breath with me and let it out slowly. This breath is for all the times each of us has acted racist in situations that are beyond skin color. Maybe it is intolerance of another’s ideas or bigotry of another’s political beliefs. Maybe it is the belief that one’s own opinion is superior.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. We do better together.

Together let us be AWARE, let us UNDERSTAND, and let us FORGIVE so we can finally, totally and completely LET IT GO!!


As you know, I don’t share videos often, but this one by David Icke is rather on point with a conversation about who we are as consciousness, how we exist in our world of programming, and what we need to do to one-by-one disconnect from the programming to remove its power. In my opinion, this is essential wisdom for the times in which we live and the times we hope to create…

An Open Letter


“A perspective is only dangerous if it is truth”

Information From Beyond

May 5th, 2020

An Open Letter to All:

This letter is in regards to some of the issues regarding COVID-19 and their long-term implications on humanity, our economy and our current and future sovereignty. While I would prefer a communication that I know will be received through balance and logic, I know I am headed into heavily propagandized territory and therefore will stir up some emotions. I mention this because sometimes when we know what to look out for, we can manage it easier.

May this letter be written and received in the space of curiosity, compassion and a far-reaching vision for the highest Good of All.

About five years ago, I spent two years of full, volunteer-time to gather signatures for Initiative 735: Get Big Money out of Elections. Within those two years I talked to tens of thousands of people and gathered 10,000 signatures. It was an absolute act of love on my part and the part of all of the amazing people I worked. Together we collected enough signatures to get it on the ballot and this Initiative passed in Washington State.

On the surface you would think that Getting Big Money out of Elections would be something that is a concern for all voters, but at the time the Republicans were getting propagandized to reject it. Mitt Romney had famously said that ‘Corporations are people, my friend’ and that comment plus other propagandized efforts were enough for conservatives to reject this effort totally. Now that the propaganda machine has moved on, I have had several conservative friends tell me that they now can see why this issue was so important to me.

My next political action was on the issue of vaccine safety. On the surface you would think that vaccine safety would be a concern for everyone, but at the time Democrats were getting propagandized to attack those that question Big-Pharma.  In my naivety, I thought those that worked against the efforts of Big-Money could easily see what Big Money does when it has it. I showed the money spent on lobbyists, news media, advertising media, doctor’s compensation and medical schools to form and shape public opinion, but its influence was just too powerful. Ultimately the propaganda machine won the legislation, but more importantly it asserted its power and control over an entire segment of people.

Now you may be thinking that in either or both of these issues that the propaganda was actually different from my conclusion. You may be thinking that you couldn’t possibly be subject to propaganda, or that in this case the propaganda just happens to be on the side of truth, or that the propaganda is obviously only at work with the people who disagree with your viewpoint.

So, let me be clear. Propaganda is ALWAYS on the side of Big-Money which is also known as the ¼ of 1%, the Cabal, the Wealthy Elite, or the Deep State. Big-Money is global and non-partisan. The reason propaganda is always on the side of Big Money is that it takes Big Money to buy politicians, media, science and political division, and this is what needs to be done to further accomplish their goals. And let me emphasize, they do have a plan, they have always had a plan and we are the pawns in that plan.

The good guys, the people speaking up for humanity are ALWAYS those that challenge the official narrative. They are the whistle-blowers who have nothing to gain and everything to lose, but they speak up anyway. They are the ones who have been threatened, killed or jailed; they are the ones who lose their jobs, or are publicly and unmercifully attacked for their views. They are the challenge to the ‘official narrative’, they are the ones being censored and the full use and power of propaganda is the first line of Big-Money defense.

You may think that while our society is messy, everyone (including Big-Money) is doing their very best for the good of humanity. You may think that occasionally mistakes happen and people get poisoned or killed or our environment suffers harm. But we learn from these mistakes and hopefully create legislation to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In my humble opinion, this viewpoint is supremely dangerous as it does not demand responsibility, it simply gives Big Money the green light to continue to ‘make mistakes’. We deserve better.

It might be the single most important use of anyone’s time to try to piece together the purpose behind the propaganda and a glimpse of the plan that drives global, non-partisan Big Money. This is something liberals have resisted, but the conservatives know a lot about and would love to share. Indeed, if you are at all concerned about the conservative Covid-19 lock-down protests, the single most important thing every liberal can do is start asking questions and genuinely listen to the answer.

You will most likely fight this first attempt at a new perspective and go back to the safety of your original perspective. That is okay, I’m pretty sure all of us did as well. But keep at it. You may learn something that keeps nagging at you until you do some research. Then one thing leads to another thing, which ties into another thing and you are left dumb-founded. At least that is how I have experienced my paradigm shifts.

Let us acknowledge the pursuit of curiosity and asking questions outside of propaganda in and of itself could help to unite the political factions in our own community and could also diffuse potential future escalations of activism. These are both extremely worthy results, well worth overcoming our own resistance to new perspectives and viewpoints.  

It might also be worth some focused time to piece together a community response to the first wave of known and obvious challenges we will face in our community. These challenges will be experienced economically and the solutions are something liberals know a lot about and would love to implement. Community gardens, worker owned cooperatives, farm to table supply chains, community banks, are wonderfully supportive solutions. The beauty of this effort is that it will achieve tangible results for our entire community regardless of if you think the virus and Big-Money response is a random occurrence or if you think it is all part of the plan.

The reason Big Money was able to obtain so much power is that they ‘know how to activate the animal, drug the addict, divide, isolate and desensitize our communities’. They know how to ‘pull the wires that control the public mind’. They know how to ‘keep us fighting so we don’t see their control and manipulation’. What we need to do to dismantle this power is to UNITE and have important political conversations, to work together to SEE THROUGH the propaganda and manipulations and to BAND THE 99% TOGETHER with our common cause grounded in TRUTH.

I don’t know about you, but that is a vision that I think is worth working for!

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining a Zoom Room connecting-the-dots conversation.


As the whole world has become a stage in one big crazy play, we have all become narrators of what we are seeing. Did you see this? Have you thought that? Did you know about this? Even these conversations are usually within the safe construct of those who think the same way we do with (usually) the same blind spots.

It would be amazingly spectacular if we all could be open to what others are trying to tell us. If we could lay down our beliefs and judgments and pick up curiosity, this in itself could easily change our world. As we give ourselves this permission, we would begin to unite the gaps we have created between ourselves and see old things in a different light. The beauty of this approach is that it does not require anyone else to see or understand any differently. It just requires us.

What might be at the top of the blind spot list? For me, it is that we, as human beings are more powerful than we know. That we already have everything we need right inside of us. We can not only create energetic protection from viruses; we can also positively affect our own personal health and vitality. It is not something that requires the right politician or legislation. It is not something that requires anything outside of our own curiosity and desire.

There are many pathways to ignite the true and full essence of our power. One that I am offering, along with my friend, Stephanie Elaine Golden-Falcon, is a varied and powerful multi-step process. It begins with the understanding of ourselves as electro-magnetic beings; it flows into a practice of creating new neuro pathways in the brain and the experience of using our power to transform our inner and outer world; then it rests in a meditation that is grounded in our own sacred space.

The proof is not in the concept. The proof is in the experience. Those who already participate routinely experience its power, I would like to invite you to experience it as well.

We meet Sunday (that is right, tonight!), Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:00 pm. This is held over the Internet in a Zoom Room. Here is the link to follow, to download and enter the room. The only real trick is to make sure you enter with computer audio and turn on your video.

Join Zoom Meeting


The following video is a great video, by Dr. Joe Dispenza, about the virus and the power of our brain, mind and quantum field.  I hope this inspires you on this beautiful day!

Six Proven Techniques to Balance Fear

NEW YORK, USA – MARCH 29: The “Fearless Girl” statue, a four-foot statue of a young girl, defiantly looks up the iconic Wall Street “Charging Bull” sculpture in New York City, United States on March 29, 2017. “Fearless Girl” statue was installed in front of the bronze “Charging Bull” for International Women’s Day earlier this month to draw attention to the gender pay gap and lack of gender diversity on corporate boards in the financial sector. The statue will remain at her post until February 2018. (Photo by Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

It seems our whole life is a relationship with one thing or another. We are in relationship with people; our body; our emotions and our thoughts. We are in relationship with politics and our economy. We are in relationship with everything in our visible world as well as what lies beyond our visible world.

Some relationships we embrace with ease while we run and hide from others. Instinctively, we know that it is wise to achieve balance, but how do we do that? Especially when that relationship brings up negativity or fear?

We all carry fears and handle them differently. One thing that seems universal is that none of us like to acknowledge fear when we are feeling it. Many of us will resort to calling out others who are in fear, not recognizing it in ourselves.

Perhaps it is time to improve our relationship with fear. The following are six proven techniques to do just that.


There are three important rules here. First, we can’t come to balance what we don’t know exists. Once we know it exists, we are in relationship with it. Second, we don’t have to balance the positive, it is always the negative or fearful that needs balancing. Third, as you become aware of new negatives, the biggest trick is to not remain there. An important lesson for all of us to remember.

A good practice is to make it okay to acknowledge your own negativity or fear. Sit with it, feel it, communicate with it. What is it trying to tell you? What have you been avoiding?

Challenge yourself to experiment with a variety of techniques to transform negativity or fear. Stay with it until you find those that work for you. As you give yourself permission to experiment with your power, you will realize that you can transform that which challenges it. This alone will change your relationship with fear.


Atoms are the basic building blocks of our body and they are comprised of a balance between (positive) protons, (negative) electrons and (neutral) neutrons. For the atom to move to create electricity, the atom must ‘let go’ of old connections and ‘accept’ new ones. This is applicable to our entire organism as well. Makes sense doesn’t it?

So many times, what makes us freeze is that we don’t know what to do. Or none of the options are acceptable. Or we don’t believe we have the power.

One effective way to get out of this impasse is as simple as 1,2,3. First, you take action and prepare for the worst. This removes the stress side of the equation. Second, you figure out a way to create the best. As you work to create a better future, you will find yourself more and more empowered and at ease. Third, you detach yourself from either polarity by going neutral.

If you get swept back into the spiral of fear again, this time you are on a different level and can remind yourself that you have done everything possible “It is what it is and I let go”.


Our thoughts create our words and our words create our reality. But sometimes our thoughts are like a freight train going down the wrong track. We find ourselves along for the ride, holding on for dear life. But what if you knew that you don’t have to give up your power? What if you knew you can take control of the train by using thoughts and words to forge new tracks?  

How do we do this?

The minute you realize you are on the wrong path, start forging your new route. Here are some words that can help to do that:

  • EXERT YOUR POWER: “You have no power over me! I choose…”
  • USE SEDA: “Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow” (More on SEDA below)
  • USE LAW OF ATTRACTION: “Every day in every way I am healthy”
  • USE IMAGINATION: “I choose to create his new reality”

And sometimes you need words to stop the mental chaos in your mind:

  • SURRENDER TO A HIGHER POWER: “I have complete trust and faith in the wisdom and process of the Universe and I let go”
  • ACCEPT REALITY: “It is what it is until it isn’t”
  • ACCEPT THE UNKNOWN: “I know that I will know what I need to know when I need to know it”

The more you choose to control your thoughts, the greater power you amass. The greater you stand in your power, the more creative, positive and less fearful you become.


Sometimes when you are frozen, you can’t logically think things through. None of the potential outcomes are acceptable. This is when I go to the worst thing that can happen. When I do this, I usually go through a couple of scenarios in my mind which always end in death. Yes, death.

Then I acknowledge the infinite being that I am. I recognize that plenty of people have died before me. I remember all the books I have read about near death experiences and I acknowledge that every single one of them can’t wait to go back to the other side. Then I realize that I already know death is the doorway to a better experience and I wonder what I am afraid of?

The minute I become okay with the worst thing that can happen, my fear is gone.


This series of commands was given to me by Spirit as a result of my yearning for a method or a formula to transform negativity. There is beauty in the simplicity and the power of these four words. You can tailor it to use for anything that takes away your peace.

Stop! This fearful concern

Expose – The cause, effect and solution

Dismantle – That which is not in balance with the electro-magnetic spiral of life

Allow – An all-encompassing electro-magnetic wave to pulsate my frequency and that of the earth with a dynamic network of uniting and balancing energies

What was remarkable to me is that I didn’t have to build up any ‘spiritual muscle’ to benefit from its power. It worked from the first day I used it. You can chant it, sing it or simply call it forth.


Mother Nature is supremely balancing to all living beings. Just getting out and being with the sun, earth, water and air is life supporting. Sitting with the trees, appreciating the plants, expressing wonder at the animals does wonders to recharge our spiritual battery of balance. Commit to be immersed in nature daily and experience its transformational power.

Any or all of these techniques hold the power to transform your relationships. As you engage in one or more of these techniques you will realize, it isn’t your relationships that are being transformed. It is you… And that is the point.

A Thoughtful Discussion of the Coronavirus


I believe there is a cycle of reaching wisdom that once understood can be beneficial in moving through challenges such as these. It begins with (1) ignorance. When I was a stockbroker, for most of the time I was ignorant of the way our financial markets actually worked. It wasn’t until I (2) gave myself permission to overcome my personal beliefs and read research and opinions that were outside of my firm’s propaganda, that I could even see a completely different framework. This resulted in a (3) total paradigm shift in terms of what I believed about our nation, our economy, and my role as a broker. This information was totally mind boggling to me, but I (4) used my voice to speak up and got all my clients out of the market avoiding the 08-09 stock market crash. My conclusion, as a result of this experience is that we are all pawns in a bigger game that we don’t see.

One of the biggest challenges we face today in regard to the Coronavirus is that we are all ignorant. We may think we understand what is happening, but we will only experience the truth in the passing of time. There are some clear clues as to where this is headed, but a full understanding may require giving ourselves permission to overcome personal beliefs. Because what is a belief but an intentional act to restrict the flow of information that is considered?

For what forms our belief is absolutely a function of what media we pay attention to and their use of the elements of propaganda. Our beliefs are absolutely swayed by the opinions of our friends, what they approve of and what they think is stupid. We also need to be clearly aware of our own personal characteristics. Are we someone who is generally ahead of the pack? In the middle? Or lagging?

At the same time, we need to be clearly aware that we live in a world where technology is actively used as a unseen tool of the powers that be. Many times, what they use it for is simply not to our preference and sometimes it is an outright censorship of important and meaningful dialog.

With these factors in mind, let’s review some of the events, thoughts and theories that have been flying around in regards to this virus.

  • A pandemic simulation was held in the fall.
  • The Coronavirus is identified and Bill Gates comes out to say that 33 million people could be wiped out in this one.
  • Horrible videos surface directly from Wuhan. Videos of people convulsing and dying abruptly at work or in the supermarket.
  • Chinese people share videos and personal stories that claim the death rate is higher than officially reported. Then they go missing.
  • Then there is the tie in to the fact that the Chinese people received a mandatory vaccine on December 1st, which is the day patient zero was discovered.
  • There is the theory that the mandatory vaccine may have had some characteristics that make the subsequent exposure to the virus deadly.
  • There is a theory that it is a bio-weapon. Is it from the United States? Russia? China?
  • Then we have the tie in to the Harvard professor who was working for the Chinese government.
  • There is the theory about the 5G involvement and the additional potential for the use of silent weapons.
  • Another theory about the involvement of nanotechnology, nanobots and artificial intelligence.
  • Then comes the speculation that it is all a big hoax.
  • Then comes the theory that it is simply a bad respiratory cold.
  • At first there was the wave of Facebook posts about the virus, and now a wave of Facebook posts to stop the fear mongering.

Honestly, I may have forgotten some important factors, but you get the point. There is no one who can accurately say they know what is really going on. In the meantime, we are still the ignorant pawns. We need to use the best of all of our curiosity and investigative abilities to ferret out what is really happening, share with each other and work together to overcome this.

You may believe that this virus is an unfortunate random happening and that we should trust in our authorities to do the very best in light of this situation. You may trust that whatever they bring forth will be in the best interests of humanity as a whole. If this is your stance, I would encourage you to give yourself permission to investigate what ‘the other side’ is saying. Perhaps a good place to start is my previous article entitled ‘The Real Time Dismantling of the Vaccine Safety Lie’.

You may not have believed it, you may not have wanted to go there, but if you choose, you will find interesting commentary from the top doctors in the world, at the World Health Organization 2019 Vaccine Conference. They are posing questions and expressing concerns that we don’t have robust vaccines studies, structures and basic understandings. Exactly what vaccine safety advocates have been demanding to change for years! I ask you to do your best to be curious and to do your own research about what ‘the other side’ is saying. This is a prime opportunity for a paradigm shift.

If you have been a Vaccine Safety Advocate, you probably already know where this media frenzy is trying to take us. This is what you have been ardently trying to tell your friends and neighbors for the last couple of years. Or more. Perhaps now, finally, it can be heard. I will do my best to articulate the steps they have taken and the steps they have yet to take.


  1. They establish chemically induced health care and vaccines and in doing so, subvert the body’s natural system of immunity.
  2. They acquire immunity from lawsuits in 1986, effectively dismantling the process of legal discovery and personal injury lawsuits.
  3. They establish a robust method of propaganda through their expensive commitment to media advertising. Propaganda works through repetition, through the creation of emotional trigger words so we don’t question anymore (anti-vaxxers), framework (it is always Vaxxers vs Anti-Vaxxers, never We the People keeping Big Pharma accountable), through the dissemination of research (which, as the WHO recently admitted is lacking in many respects), and the use of credible experts (which always parrot Big Pharma talking points).
  4. They are one of the largest industries lobbying Congress and all politicians.
  5. They provide almost half of the budget to the FDA and CDC and both of these agencies (and scientists) receive royalties on vaccines. This makes impartiality in regards to vaccines laughable.
  6. Within the last three years they have been intentionally sponsoring legislation through many of the states removing the right of parents to opt out of childhood vaccines for personal or religious reasons.
  7. They make the most of recent measles outbreaks through their friends at the media trying to inflame the element of fear and to forward their agenda of removing exemptions.


  1. On one front, they are currently working on a vaccine for the Coronavirus which they will try to make mandatory.
  2. Another active front is the legislation to remove the right to opt out of vaccines, either through legislation or the voice of public opinion. Once this is accomplished, they make ‘Healthy People 2020’ vaccine schedule mandatory for adults as well. Argentina has made their vaccines mandatory requiring proof of vaccination to obtain a Driver’s License.
  3. Let’s just pause for a moment and acknowledge that at last count there are over 270 vaccines in the development pipeline.

Perhaps you are happy to roll up your sleeve, if that is the case, I support your right to have that choice. If the vaccine works, it would protect you from getting sick from me or anyone else. But as one who supports my body’s ability to heal, I am not in favor of Big Pharma’s chemically induced immunity, I prefer my body’s natural immunity. And I believe, in our country, everyone should have the right to decide. Have we already forgotten the important lessons that led to the Nuremburg Code of Informed Consent?

And let’s circle back around to how we engage in challenges. I believe there is important wisdom to be found in preparing for the worst, creating the best and trying to stay in neutrality. I find, as I take proactive steps, it removes the fear and I am free to create the best solution. Once you try this wisdom, you may find it isn’t a straight line, it is a spiral. You make find yourself circling back around from a new level until you reach equilibrium.

Personally, I have prepared for the worst by having extra food. For me it is an act of sovereignty, not fear, borne of the choice to not be a pawn in whatever game they are playing.

I create the best by using the power of my intentions and energy to create the world I choose by using the prayer/commands of SEDA. Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow.  Three times a week I do this in a group on Zoom Room. The link is on my website if you wish to join us.

Lastly, I cultivate my neutrality by having complete trust and faith in the wisdom and the process of the Universe. And I let go.

It’s time to have the ‘Sex Talk’

Since we are adults, it is a much more productive time to have a meaningful conversation about sex than it was when we ‘had the talk’ from our parents and/or the mandatory course in school. What makes it meaningful is that we are all now experts of our own sexual experience. But we may still have challenges in this conversation for several really big reasons.

For one, sex is not generally considered a topic of polite conversation. Many of us have suffered sexual abuse, (1:9 females and 1:53 males under the age of 18) and carry unresolved traumas which make meaningful conversations about sex full of emotional triggers.

In addition, our culture has tied sex to one of the hottest political triggers in our country… abortion. This adds an additional complex layer of discussion about rights, independence, freedom vs. the morality of killing an unborn child. Then there is the additional discussion about the most effective prevention to an abortion; abstinence or education and contraception.

We also suffer from a growing trend in pedophilia which has ties everywhere from the dark and seedy to the most trusted and revered.

Finally, we can’t forget the complexities and emotional triggers of our beliefs and judgments. Our mind holds tremendous power in what it allows us to see or accept according to our beliefs. It is also brilliant at creating a fight back effect for anything that doesn’t fit its pre-conceived notions. So, we have the additional challenge of laying down our beliefs and judgments so we can be curious enough to learn something new.

Even though the discussion about sex could be a challenging one, we need to talk about sex in our country, but not for any of the reasons I have outlined above. Let me provide a brief outline of mass manipulation and how normalizing sex for a young child should be a concern to us all. I will do my best to keep this short enough that it will be read and complete enough that it will be received.

First, I think we need to acknowledge that there is an active force that manipulates the minds and actions of people in our country. It works behind the scenes, beyond our vision, experience and conscious awareness, but it acts as an effective designer, maybe even the most effective designer of social desires and trends. There are at least two important components of this force.

First, we have the intentional effort of mass propaganda started in the early 1900s which is an extremely effective means to both sell products and to control public discourse. Edward Bernays is famous for creating the formula that is still in use today.

Then we have the CIA’s program of MK Ultra which was created in the 1950’s to explore individual and mass mind control. They used torture, sexual abuse, positive and negative reinforcement on very young children. The methods they used were atrocious but they discovered that if a restrained child under the age of seven had a sexual trauma, they were highly likely to develop a multiple personality. That personality could then be controlled by hypnosis and made to do whatever was needed including to perform and tolerate sexual acts.

MK Ultra also explored the realm of mind control through drugs and music. There are some that say it was the CIA who was responsible for the mass distribution of LSD and the creation of many of the most popular rock n’ roll bands of the 1960s. These people believe that the culture of the 60’s was a big experiment in mind control. One of the quotes I have collected “They think they are rebelling but with every dance step, they are binding the chains of industrialization around them”

The bottom line here is that our country has an extensive, dark, and mostly invisible history with individual and mass mind control.

The goal is generally obedience, resignation and submission, and there are multiple steps to achieve this. The one that is pertinent to this discussion is the active attempt to feed our lower animal selves by stimulating the survival and sexuality centers. This is done through brain entrainment, subliminal programming and mind control.

“As long as they can hold us in our ego centers, they can be assured of their long-standing reign. They know how to activate the animal, to drug the addict, to divide and isolate, to desensitize community awareness, to create a nationalistic frenzy and false loyalties to super heroes”

From the book “Project MK Ultra and Mind Control”

Did you know there are sexual subliminals in children’s cartoons and movies? Have you wondered why we have so many violent movies and video games? Do ever wonder who put them there and for what purpose? This is why! To keep the brain subconsciously entrained to stay in its lower animal self!

Very shortly the Washington State Legislature will be deciding upon a bill regarding Comprehensive Sex Education for our school children. This education begins in Kindergarten and is repeated throughout the years.

Through my personal filter, there are redeeming factors in the Bill because yes, there are opportunities for parents to opt out. Yes, it teaches both abstinence and birth control. Yes, it teaches that there must be mutual consent. And yes, it claims to have age appropriate lessons.

I suppose part of the challenge is what is deemed as age appropriate is different for every adult. Because we are subject to our personal beliefs here as well. For example, if we personally feel the material is inappropriate for Kindergarteners or 3rd graders, are we subject to the fear of being judged as a prude? Or do we succumb to the opinions of the ‘experts’? We need to be cognizant of both of those issues because each of those are components of basic propaganda.

For example, would you have imagined the Kindergarten lesson to include a Powerpoint Presentation on the body and post it notes labeled with the body parts of: penis, vulva, nipples, anus, shoulder, foot and belly button?

And what about those three young girls in the class of 27 who are currently being sexually abused? Will these lessons empower them to speak up or add the element of normalization to their experience?

We already know that we are subject to mass manipulation. We already know that part of the objective is to keep us in our lower animal sexual center. We already know that cartoons hold sexual subliminals. We already know that MK Ultra was successful with hypnosis on young girls to ‘perform and tolerate sexual acts’.

Does the combination of super early and explicit sex education and sexually subliminal cartoons produce children who are more willing to engage in sexual abuse? Does this put us unknowingly one step closer to subconsciously entraining our children to be more subconsciously entrained adults?

May we be mindful of all of the implications and consequences of our actions.

The Year of Our Comeback! Save the Bees (and Humans) with Shungite!

If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth,

man would only have four years left to live.”

~~Albert Einstein

Several years ago, I was a novice beekeeper, nervously watching my bees as they landed on top of their hive. One bee in particular caught my eye and I moved closer to watch. This bee was staggering, stumbling and acting as if it was completely intoxicated. It finally managed to make it inside the hive and disappeared. Was it poisoned? Was it disoriented? I didn’t know, but for me that was my clear realization that we have a serious problem.

Did you know that every third bite of food is literally brought to us by bees? We are critically dependent upon the pollination efforts of honey bees for our food production. Yet as we are well aware, our honey bee population has been in a downward trend for some time.

Agricultural chemicals and Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) are two of the main culprits which are increasingly pervasive and increasingly harder to protect against. As a result, the immune systems of our bees are compromised leading to mites and other diseases. Beekeepers are forced to take more and more drastic measures, none of which have been effective to turn the tide.

Bees are not the only ones to be affected by our environment. Humans too, are adversely affected by agricultural chemicals and EMFs. You may not realize it, until you face persistent chronic health problems and the truth is, you may never realize it as it is not something that has been officially recognized by mainstream medicine.

Personally, I know that I am sensitive to EMFs. I know because I can feel the currents flow into my brain, down my arm, body and leg. It used to be that I would talk on my cell phone, feel the energy and over time it would dissipate. But then I reached a point when I had a harder time to get the energy to dissipate and my whole left side felt perpetually tense.

As luck would have it, during this time I was giving a speech and a casual friend of a friend was in the audience and told me about the Shungite necklaces he was developing. He gave me one and the results were stunning! Within 24 hours I felt my symptoms had disappeared by 80%, a within a week they were down about 95%. The Shungite necklace was the only thing I could attribute it to.

What is Shungite? Shungite is a natural mineral that is 98% carbon. It is found in Russia near a small settlement called Shunga. Shungite’s atoms form fullerines and have been shown to attenuate toxins and radiation by reversing the electromagnetic fields to a bio-compatible rotation. In 1991, Science magazine named fullerenes “molecule of the year,” calling them “the discovery most likely to shape the course of scientific research in the years ahead.”

As it turns out Shungite also dramatically helps the bees.  Derek and Maureen Condit have had impressive results with Shungites in their beekeeping. They don’t use chemicals, their bees are 20 miles from commercial crops, in an all-natural EMF and WIFI environment. They place Shungite rocks at the entrance of their hives, they paint the hives with Shungite paint to form a beehive Faraday cage, and some of their bees walk through Shungite powder.

Their results are something to share with complete strangers! They have zero colony collapse, and zero disease in their bees since introducing Shungite. Additionally, they have had exponential growth with one hive growing to eight hives in one season! They are not only reversing collapse; they are exponentially growing the comeback!

**If you are interested in acquiring a Shungite necklace for your own use, I recommend the creations of local inventor and musician, Dino Armendariz. Not only does he make Shungite necklaces, but he adds other supportive elements as well. He can be reached at: armendarizdino@gmail.com.

**If you would like to learn more from Derek and Maureen Condit’s website:


**If you would like to view a 24 minute interview about the concept and results:

Long live the bees and humans!

The Year of the Comeback! Coming to balance with Super Bowl Sunday half time show

Since I have been a political activist on both sides of the political aisle, I have Facebook friends that encompass and express thoughts that fill the complete spectrum of the range of political and cultural thinking. While I am an observer and participant in our human experience as well, at the same time I am also aware of the role of energy or the Quantum Field and actively engage in prayer and meditation to bring about change.

So, it is of immense curiosity and interest that I observe the uproar from one side of friends and the bewilderment from the other side of friends after the 2020 Super Bowl half-time show. It is a classic case of duality of experience and perception that is a timely example of an experience that we can use to critically think about what is required to come to balance with this experience.

On one spectrum, I have Facebook friends who enjoyed the music, the production and appreciated the whole Latino flavor. This could certainly be one’s authentic experience. On the other spectrum, I have Facebook friends who are outraged about the imagery (sexuality, symbolism, children in cages, poses of the dancers) and feel it is the work of darkness. From this perspective, this could certainly be one’s authentic experience as well. What we all need to seriously consider is that they both could be true.

For we can’t forget we live on a planet of duality. We are electromagnetic beings on a beautiful planet with magnetic poles in the north and south. Our days are separated by light and dark, we are separated by male and female, even our brains are separated into distinct lobes. You could even go as far to say that each of us encompasses both light as well as darkness. I don’t think I would find much disagreement to state that much of our time and energy is spent in coming to balance in our relationship with these opposites.

So how do we come to balance in this particular instance?

If you don’t understand what the concern is, perhaps it would be wise to investigate. Look into the work of MK Ultra, MK Ultra in Hollywood and media, mind control and the powerful use of dark subliminal messaging in music. Be mindful of the role of confirmation bias in that we only see, acknowledge and remember facts that we already believe. Research with the intention of learning something new.

Before you are tempted to be triggered and dismiss these concerns too quickly, investigate the concept of weaponized anthropology in music. It isn’t hard to imagine when in a loud concert with a large group of people, everyone’s heart rate and brain waves become synchronized. What might be new information is how easy that makes it for the subconscious transmission and encoding of behavioral codes. Indeed, this MK Ultra technology has already been used in our country and produced the desired results.

If you are aware of these concerns, and trying to communicate them to others without success, perhaps it would be wise to take a step back. Do what you can do to educate and legislate until you aren’t productive anymore. Then take some lessons from the playground teeter totter.  For as long as we are divided into opposite sides on any issue, the teeter totter will keep going up and down at a fast and furious pace with no resolution.  Because of our planet’s duality, the mere existence of a strongly held position reinforces the experience of its opposite.

I believe the solution lies in becoming aware of all perspectives, taking every possible necessary action, then moving to the center of the teeter totter with the understanding that duality is the reality of our world. To intentionally move into the fulcrum requires an understanding of both light and darkness and the desire to hold the balance in peace and sovereignty. Perhaps it is the ‘new level of understanding’ we are missing.