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There are some that say that the Nazis did not lose the war, they simply came over to the United States and went underground. Operation Paperclip, an MK Ultra project of the CIA in the mid 1940’s, brought over some 1600 Nazi scientists and scattered them throughout 80 universities and hospitals around America.

From Wikipedia:

Project MK Ultra, also called the CIA mind control program, is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects that were designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, some of which were illegal.

Techniques included the covert administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, electroshocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as other forms of torture.

Mk Ultra is part of America’s dark history; one that isn’t taught in our schools. Its purpose was to learn about individual and collective mind control seemingly without any moral or ethical restraint. It ran from the mid -1940s until there were a series of Congressional hearings here in the US and Congress shut it down in 1977.   

Since much of the data from the entire program was shredded before the hearings, we won’t ever have the complete picture. What we do have is so mind-boggling, it could be easy to dismiss as some form of conspiracy theory, so this could easily be a trigger for some of us.

The reason this investigation is important is that we are trying to find the fingerprints of The Invisible Powers. We are trying to determine if a controlling invisible power really exists and if it is provable in fact or trend in our society. The following is a very brief overview, it is certainly worth some dedicated curiosity to learn more.

The following is a selected summary of some of the 150 plus MK Ultra programs. From the book, Secret Weapons:

1945: Operation Paperclip brings German scientists to the US, most of whom had been Nazis. The scientists do experiments on mind control using mescaline and traumatic injury to the skull. They are later connected with MK Ultra programs at universities, hospitals and government agencies.

1947: CIA begins as an outgrowth of OSS and key staff members do experiments involving mind manipulation to create the perfect spies and assassins.

1952: Project Moonstruck studies electronic implants in the brain and teeth during seemingly unrelated surgery or ‘surreptitiously during abduction”. The devices are used for mind and behavior control and tracking.

1954: Project Artichoke uses drugs electronics and electroshock to program behavior, create cyborg mentalities… in an effort to create unknowing and unwitting assassins.

1960: MKDELTA (a/k/a Deep Sleep) uses long range electromagnetic subliminal programming to affect general population through behavior control, mood swings, fatigue and dysfunction.

1960s: Project Monarch was started after Project Artichoke failed to create an unwitting assassin. This is when children were inducted and subjected to the use of chemicals, radiation, hallucinogenic drugs, electric shock, sensory and sleep deprivation and verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

1964: There was an international agreement not to conduct research experiments on children, pregnant women, fetuses and prisoners. The US was the only country to refuse to sign until 1991.

1990: RF Media Program (a/k/a Buzz Saw) the use of electronics, including cellular telephone systems, national TV and radio to create and control desired behavior throughout the nation or large segments of population.

1990: Tower Program: (aka Wedding Bells) Uses microwave technology and cell phones armed with neuro degeneration and DNA resonance modification.

1997: Project Clean Sweep: Variation on HAARP which controls crowds and the masses.

It is wise to note mind control research and experimentation extended far beyond the supposed termination of the MK Ultra Program.


While the government has been mostly silent on MK Ultra, individual participants have come forth and shared their personal experiences. Two of those participants, sisters Cheryl and Lynn Hersha wrote the book, Secret Weapons: Two Sisters Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage. At the ages of 4 and 6 they were initiated into the MK Ultra mind-control program.

The book explains that if a child under the age of 7 were to suffer a traumatic physical or sexual event, they are more likely to develop a multiple personality. That personality could then be directed by hypnotic suggestion to perform actions of which the other personality would have no memory.  MK Ultra put many children through this program and then used them as government spies, operatives and ladies of the evening.

Perhaps some form of collaborating evidence comes in 1988 as Canadian victims of Dr. Ewen Cameron’s experiments settle with the US Government for $750,000. Dr. Cameron was a CIA funded psychiatrist working at McGill University in Montreal in the 1950s and 1960s.


One of the original goals of MK Ultra was to create the perfect spies and assassins. This was purportedly accomplished through the creation of a multiple personality and then hypnotic mind control through the use of drugs. 

Phillip Nelson in Connecting the Dots: The Three 1960’s Patsy-Assassins to CIA’s MK Ultra, establishes the link between MK Ultra and Lee Harvey Oswald (John F. Kennedy), James Earl Ray (Martin Luther King), Sirhan Sirhan (Robert F. Kennedy). This is not an isolated conclusion, many other books, articles and essays come to the same conclusion.


If MK Ultra is looking to control the minds of the population, then Hollywood would naturally be its home base.  According to Roseanne Barr, one of the few Hollywood insiders with the courage to speak out, “MK Ultra rules in Hollywood”. 

Hollywood is the one that keeps all of this power structure. They perpetuate the culture of racism, sexism, classism, genderism and keep it all in place. They continue to feed it, and they make a lot of money doing it. They do it at the behest of their masters, who run everything”

Roseanne Barr


Other MK Ultra research focused on music and mind control. Dr. Hans Utter, author of Trance, Ritual and Rhythm, has emerged as an expert on what he calls weaponized anthropology. His research shows music is the ideal medium to transmit and encode behavioral codes and linguistic messages. This is not new, by the way, according to Dr. Utter, music has been used for this purpose as far back as the 1750s.

One of MK Ultra’s major accomplishments was to diffuse opposition to the Vietnam War through music and mind control. In the 60’s there were two distinct hippie movements. One was to protest against the war and the other was all about peace, love and music. Dr. Utter identifies the peace, love and music crowd as a social creation of MK Ultra.

Here is how it worked:

Many musicians of that era had ties to, or family members with ties to the CIA. Their music was encoded with linguistic messages. The rhythmic tones and the power of 10,000 people at a concert entrained the brain and heart to the rhythm. When you add the LSD component that was handed out for free by agents of the CIA, the combination of music and drugs created an entire culture who were too self-absorbed to care about war.

“They think they are rebelling but with every dance step they are binding the chains of industrialization around them.”

       From YouTube interview with Dr. Hans Utter

In the 1970’s, Congress held a series of hearings about MK Ultra. Here is one chilling testimony.

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind… We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

Jose Delgato, Director of Neuropsychiatry at Yale Medical School, 2/24/74 Congressional Testimony

Dr. Delgato, I beg to differ.



It’s our life, our body, our mind.  Are we going to let someone else program us or are we going claim our own sovereignty? We are not victims here. We are the creators of our own experience; we just don’t know it or believe it to be true.

There are some who say that once you are aware of an issue, it doesn’t have power over you. My own take is that once we are aware of an issue, we need to claim our own power. We need to check out and dismantle the programs we are running without our knowledge or consent.

There have been only a couple of times in my life that I have been consciously aware of a program I was running. The most surprising to me was when I was a volunteer for an important cause and was being asked if I would take on more responsibility. While I was honored and excited for this opportunity, the first thought that made its way through my consciousness was “Don’t they know I’m not good enough?”

WHOA! Where did THAT come from?

Many of the programs that have been placed within us have to do with guilt, shame, blame, disease, self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, not good enough, not beautiful enough, not skinny enough, not wealthy enough. They also work to stimulate our fear, lower emotions, sexual aggressions, arrogance and pride.

You may already know which programs you are running or you may not have a clue. Here are a couple of different techniques that help to intentionally take charge of your own programming.

This series of commands were given to me by Spirit. They can be modified for any need. But always begin with the intention that your words maintain the integrity of your desired purpose.

Stop! Expose, Dismantle: all programs of fear

Allow: the program of love to take its place

You can create your own powerful self-talk:

“I see you fear! You have no power over me. I am running the program of LOVE!”

You can sing powerful songs.

Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music “I have Confidence”

Gloria Gaynor, “I am what I am”

Another powerful technique is tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig. There are You Tubes you can find to teach you how.  I once taught a friend of mine how to tap in less than 5 minutes and she went on to use it to lose 50 pounds over the next 3 months.

They are simple, yet powerful. At first you may not believe you have the power to program yourself. But as you keep working with it, you literally begin to build the muscle and the power to take charge of your own life and programming.

Experiment with them and pay attention to the results.

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THE STORY THAT UNITES US… Part Two: Propaganda

The magnificent Oregon Coast

Propaganda is a force that should garner tremendous respect for it is one of the tools by which the 1/10 of 1% control the rest of us. It comes from our news and social media, music, and movies. It is inflamed by the news and reinforced by our own reactions.

While many are aware it exists, it remains an elusive power. We tend to believe that anyone who believes differently than we do has been propagandized even as we respond automatically to its triggers.

Because it takes a lot of money to influence the public, the mere presence of propaganda indicates The Invisible Powers at work.

“Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas formed, largely by men we have never heard of… in almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics, or business, in our social conduct of ethical thinking. We are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental process and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.

Edward Bernays

Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, took the ideas of his famous uncle and applied them to marketing cigarettes in the early 1920s. He developed several identifiable elements, to which I have added and refined over my years of observation.  

  • FRAMEWORK: Is used to define the issue for the public eye. This is why it is never, We the People keeping Big Ag accountable for GMOs, it is Labeling vs No Labeling. Or never, We the People keeping Big Pharma accountable for vaccines, it is Vaxxers vs. Anti-vaxxers.
  • SIMPLISTIC PRO-CON: By framing an issue in simplistic pro/con options it ensures the communication goes to the amygdala part of the brain. We love to be ‘right’ over ‘wrong’ so we accept this framework. But we need to understand we have another operating system, one that is accessed through curiosity and critical thinking.
  • CREDIBILITY: Knowing people tend to submit to authority, credible sources or spokespeople are important. While propaganda strongly emphasizes the credibility of their sources, it should be noted that an alternate credibility has also emerged for those who have the courage to stand up and speak the truth in opposition to propaganda’s narrative.
  • SCIENCE: Institutions and foundations are quoted that are back-door-financed by the very industries desiring the propaganda. The science may be complete, but the protocols are either avoided or distorted. This gives the necessary scientific results and therefore power over the narrative.
  • REPETITION: Repetition and constant flow of news reinforces the desired message and creates the physical neurons in the brain for acceptance.
  • WORDS FOR POSITIVE IMAGE: In Bernay’s advertisements for Lucky Strikes it was ‘Lucky in Love’ in today’s words for vaccines it is ‘Safe and Effective’.
  • ATTACK: Any opposition to the desired image is immediately, publicly and ruthlessly attacked. “It is important that any effort to influence or effect the American public that is not in the public interest be killed by the light of pitiless publicity and analysis” Edward Bernays
  • TRIGGER WORDS: Triggers tie an emotion to a word, so when we hear the word, we jump from our logical mind to our negative emotions and we are unable to process whatever comes next. We all have triggers planted in our minds. “Conspiracy theorist” “Socialist” “Anti-Vaxxer” “Hateful” “Racist”  
  • INFORMATION: In today’s world, it is imperative to make sure the propagandized information is at the top of the google search, with censorship or ‘conspiracy theory’ on any contradictory viewpoint.
  • FAKE NEWS, DEEP FAKE: With the advent of technology, the ability to digitally create or alter news and send it out to thousands of people exists. Which either sweeps us in, trains us to be highly discerning, or gets us really confused.
  • CENSORSHIP: A recent addition to the formula, censorship uses the elements of credibility. You may think to yourself “If it needs to be censored, I don’t need to read this” or you may think “Oh! Censorship! I wonder what they are trying to hide”
  • SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING: Words are flashed through screens; images are hidden within images just beyond the comprehension of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind however, picks it up and adopts the programming.
  • PERSONAL PROPAGANDA: BELIEF: So many times, we have a belief, whether or not it is grounded in fact or experience, and we automatically discard whatever comes along that opposes that belief. These are our own personally created triggers, that dictate what we will hear and what we won’t hear. Do we ever try to dis-prove our own beliefs?
  • PERSONAL PROPAGANDA: ECHO CHAMBER: We surround ourselves with people who think the same way, which does not challenge our thought process, but reinforces our sense of belonging and the power of being on ‘the team’.

Bernays created the formula and set it in motion. Over the years it has developed and expanded into a formidable force with a destructive power of its own.

“Before they take back America, they need to know who to take it back from”

Edward Bernays



Is your mind free to flow in curiosity or does it wander chaotically from one emotional trigger to the next? How many restrictions in the form of triggers, do you allow in your mind? Do you find they enhance or hinder the quality of your thinking?

We are the only ones who can identify our personal triggers and begin to dismantle them. The good news is that there is no one keeping us from claiming the freedom of our own mind. To do this, simply pay attention. When one is triggered, stop the trigger and intend to take charge of your own programming.

Maybe its as easy as “Whoa! You have no power over me. I choose to be curious and open-minded.”

Or maybe you like the vision of your mind as a big library. The restricted rooms are your triggers and the big burly guards in front of them are your emotions. There is a lot of power in walking up and asking the guard to leave and walk straight into the room you dared-not-go before.

Experiment, and find what works for you. Its your mind, get creative!


George Lakoff’s book, The Political Mind, is a great read on linguistic theories about political behavior as a result of the physiology of our mind. He describes our brains as needing both neurons and metaphors to process and understand concepts.

The neurons we have are those that are reinforced by our parents, society and experiences. If something new comes along, we naturally fight against it because we do not have the physical neurons or the proper metaphor to capture the thought, process it and ground it in understanding. (As a side note, it seems logical that what Bernays calls framework, Lakoff calls a metaphor)

This is fascinating because some of the difficulty we have with the opposite party is that we ‘just don’t understand them’, which indicates a simple lack of the appropriate neurons in our OWN brain. It seems obvious that the best brain holds a wide variety of neurons representing many pathways of thought. The best way to build new neurons is to expose yourself to new ideas, concepts, and ways of thinking.

Finally, one of the best ways to expose yourself to new ideas, concepts and ways of thinking are to meet with someone you disagree with and ask questions. Sit and listen without judgment. (You can do this!) You may learn something and build your own ‘neuron library’ at the same time.

***Just to be clear, the purpose of this exercise is not to go and reaffirm your belief that you are ‘right’ about your initial judgment. The purpose of this exercise is to intentionally find something that you did not know before to further your own understanding and build your own neuron library.

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Part One: The Invisible Powers

Zion National Park

In the aftermath of the election, many of my conservative friends are hunkering down, fearing for the worst in a bigger than life drama that did not go as expected. At the same time, my liberal friends are still getting their balance after their trauma of the last four years. There is a palpable shift of energy as both sides adjust to a new set of circumstances.

Both sides are under the impression that their enemy is the other, which makes the call for unity just an idealistic dream. Maybe we can pretend to be unified under the guise of conversion to our own ideals, but true unity at this point is clearly impossible. On this, we are united.

But… What if?? Our enemy is NOT each other? What if our enemy just creates that illusion to maintain its power? What if there is another way of looking at things that uncovers The Invisible Powers, and another way of addressing them that is not only transformative, but healing for all of us?

THAT would be a story that needs to be told.

While I don’t have any special training to be writing this, I have been in the unique position of being politically active on the left, the right and in the middle. What I have discovered from this experience is there are good, caring and intelligent people who care deeply about our country on both sides. I have found that perceptions about what the ‘other side’ believes are grossly inaccurate, while condemnation of the ‘other side’ is about the same.

In addition to my interest in politics, I also have a deep interest in human consciousness and spirituality. For years I tried to keep my interest in politics separate from my interest in human consciousness, but the truth is, these worlds are colliding and calling to be integrated. And I am finding my voice.

I will be weaving simple exercises or Adventures in Consciousness into this story. They are meant to be what they are called, ‘Adventures’. You get to decide whether you embark on one or skip it this time, whether you adventure deep into the forest or just along its edge. You are in charge of your own adventure.

It is possible that this Story will not only unite us, but transform us as well. And not a moment too soon.

For there is a powerful invisible force that is gaining unspeakable power. This force is a-political and operates behind the scenes. It is intentional, focused, and ruthless in its quest to dominate. It uses propaganda to pull the right strings for each side, pitting us against each other, operating behind the scenes un-noticed. We react, get triggered and take action at the right moments unknowingly implementing our part of The Plan.

This powerful, invisible force is not a big cosmic mistake, it is here for an important reason. It is here to help us remember the truth of who we are and what we are capable of Being. It is here to help us understand our role its creation and to encourage us to take steps for healing.

Seriously, what do we have to lose?


Even though it goes against every grain of who we are as Human Beings, for the purposes of this story let’s imagine there are two types of people. We are the first type. We are naturally part of Earth and nature and connected to Our Creator*. We are loving, harmonious and thrive off unity and family.

*Please substitute whatever name you prefer to represent the God Force that created us.

The second type, while of God, are not connected to Our Creator or their hearts. The Invisible Powers naturally consume and take dominion. Whether the dominion is over people, resources, money or the planet, what is left behind is robbed and left in poverty or toxic waste. They feed off chaos, destruction and division. And us.

The invisible Powers have left their fingerprints throughout the history of our planet.

  • We have seen their actions show up as genocide, war, slavery, human trafficking, racism, white supremacy, and poisons in our food, drugs and environment.
  • We have seen their energies show up as fear, destruction, anger, rage, greed, consumption, domination, corrupt power, control, manipulation and deception.
  • We have seen their fingerprints on the suppression of many life changing technologies throughout the years.

Who are The Invisible Powers? While there is no identifying list, one could assume they are the 1/10         of 1% that are benefitting from the policies of this century.


One of my big epiphanies was when I realized the list of crimes were getting so long, it was no longer possible for me to dismiss them as simply part of humanity’s learning curve. Once I started to view them from the lens of intentionality, the pieces began to fall more clearly into place.

It is and always has been intentional! This is WHY meaningful political action on any aspect of injustice never comes to fruition. This is WHY propaganda is designed to pit people against people. This is WHY the division between the parties must be maintained at all costs.

We have been operating under the framework that we do the best we can, sometimes we make mistakes and the other party is generally to blame. This is the framework they want us to believe as they operate behind the scenes, pulling the strings for both sides. This quote says it all:

“It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism,

While the wolf remains of a different opinion”.

William Ralph Inge



Everyone has their own relationship with God and therefore their own definition for God. But it is always good to hear another viewpoint because it opens new doors of curiosity or consideration. The following is my own framework which may or may not resonate with you.

God is all that is, was and ever will be. Whether we are conscious of this connection or not, we are all part of God’s creation.

The God Force in our outside world is naturally both positive and negative; creative and destructive; light and dark; masculine and feminine; chaos and order. Without one, the other would not exist. We can prove this by our understanding of electricity, or the cycles of the seasons or days.

We too, naturally hold opposites. While we prefer to show only our best side, our dark side is also always present. Maybe it shows up in negative habits, maybe it shows up as unpredictable emotional outbursts. Whether it is known or unknown, suppressed or acknowledged, we too hold opposites.

Not only do we need the opposites to survive, the friction between the two makes us better. One example of this is when we exercise our body. We intentionally work our muscles and lungs to fatigue, and then celebrate the strength that is acquired through this workout.

This also works on the level of human consciousness. Think back to some of your most challenging times. You may think of them as dark times, but what gifts were you able to claim on the other side?

Did you learn to use your voice? Did you learn to set boundaries? To be more discerning? Did you learn to honor yourself? Did you learn to be humble? Are you stronger and more courageous? If you didn’t have that challenge, would you even be the person you are today? Can you say that challenge made you better as a human being?

Perhaps the cosmic purpose of these challenging times is to give us the opportunity to stretch and grow and claim new levels of Being. If we can understand the negative as a catalyst for personal and collective change, we can begin to embrace personal growth alongside the friction and navigate these times much easier.

Next… Part Two: Propaganda


We but mirror the world

We all know Mahatma Gandhi as one of the world’s greatest political and spiritual leaders. While his famous quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” has inspired millions, his complete quote is even more inspiring:

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present

in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body.

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”

Gandhi wasn’t the only spiritual leader to address this issue. Jesus also advised:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

I think we can all agree, we haven’t found heaven in the world out there!

We certainly have the power to create our own reality through our thoughts, words and actions. If we can create our own reality, why wouldn’t the combination of all of us create our collective reality? Which means, if the combination of all of us created it, why couldn’t the combination of all of us change it?

We have all had front row seats watching our nation’s drama unfold. It’s crazy, it’s scary, it’s intense. We have become masters at finding and condemning every injustice in everyone else. It’s easy to blame and point the finger, trying to insist others change, no matter how ineffective it is.

But something remarkable happens when we look in the mirror. Each of us who have been armchair critics, with no sense of power or influence, now have all the power it takes to create meaningful change. We have the potential to become the heroes and changemakers of our own life.

We might as well, because…

We… Are… The… Ones… We… Have… Been… Waiting… For…

The Macro to Micro Mirror

  1. Think about the things that bother you the most in our outside world and make a list. Try to get down to the core energy behind it. We are looking for the energy behind the issues that trigger you the most.
  • For example, perhaps the thing that bothers you the most is racism. If you look at the underlying energy, you may find prejudism, condemnation, judgment, fear at the core. To offset that energy, pull on their opposite and exhibit acceptance, respect and love for other people. Starting with ourselves.
  • Or perhaps the thing that bothers you the most is the concern that we are heading very quickly into a dictator state where the government controls our every move. If we look at the underlying energy it is about control, manipulation and fear. The offset could be the allowance of another’s free will, sovereignty. Or complete faith in the wisdom and process of the Universe.
  1. Now take the awareness of that energy and examine yourself and how you show up in the world.
  • Can you find areas in your life where you are not accepting and respectful?
  • Can you find areas in your life where you do not honor another’s free will and sovereign choice?  
  • Since every mis-creation is grounded in fear, can you find areas where you are fearful?
  1. Once you identify the places where you exhibit the same characteristics you judge, do some journaling to identify how you might transform your own behavior. What issues or people are a concern? What words or characteristics would you like to change about yourself? Are there people you need to make amends with?
  1. Then make a conscious attempt to anchor this new consciousness in the outside world. For example, if you feel you need to be more accepting and respectful, think about some activity you can do to practice your newly emerging attribute. Maybe its volunteering at a local foodbank or homeless shelter. If you feel you need to respect other people’s choices, pay attention. Perhaps you need to stop imposing your ideas or advice on other people.

As each of us takes responsibility to ‘clean up our own stuff’, we become more empowered because we now have the correct vision it requires. Our life transforms from one that is random and reactionary, to one that is thoughtful and empowered to literally one that each of us can “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World”.

B * A * L * A * N * C * E


When you think about it, every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body needs balance to survive and thrive. Just being alive in today’s world can be chaotic and we must work to achieve balance. Then more chaos comes our way and we need to find a deeper and higher balance.

We can operate for periods of time in chaos, but our strength is not found in chaos. Our strength is found in balance. We would be happy to exist for long periods of time in balance, but our growth and expansion is deepened by our relationship with chaos. This is part of our evolutionary spiral of life.

Chaos is tricky and full of traps. Especially those chaotic conflicts borne of the clash of our deeply held beliefs. For when we are defending our beliefs, we are defending who we are at the deepest level. Or at least who we think we are.

But what if this chaos, this bigger-than-life political divide, is here to challenge just that?

Perhaps there is wisdom in letting chaos be our teacher, to engage with it, recognize what it is stimulating in you and then enter into the process of finding the balance. For balance is the key to open new levels of understanding.

If you are having problems finding the balance, here are a couple of prompts that might help:

PHYSICAL BODY BALANCE: These are challenging times on all levels. Make sure you eat right and get enough exercise so your body can help move the stress through your system.

EMOTIONAL BODY BALANCE: What do you think happens to intense thoughts paired with intense emotion? Does the energy disappear into the ethers forever, never to be seen again? Or does it circle back around to those responsible for its creation? Would you ever want to receive the energetic backlash of what you are putting out there?

MENTAL BODY BALANCE: Think about the core of what we All wish our world to look like. Fresh air and water, a clean environment, healthy food. A world where all of our ‘systems’ work together in balance and harmony for the highest good of everyone, not just the few. When we stand in the space of what we all what for our world, We the People are not divided. It is wise to remember that one of the first goals of propaganda is to re-frame the issue so the dynamic is never We-the-People-calling-for-accountability-from-the-Power-Manipulators. Propaganda is their first level of protection. If we are so divided, we can’t even talk to one another, we won’t be able to work together to get them out. Rather than spend mental energy fighting the opposite side, what about using it to claim what we all want?

SPIRITUAL BODY BALANCE: Turn off technology and spend time in meditation or quiet contemplation. If you have problems calming your mind, here is a fun suggestion. Fly with the eagles and play with the wind; dive off the top of a waterfall; swim with the dolphins; explore crystal caves; dance with the fairies. Do the impossible in this world and free your mind of its logical constraints. Feel the freedom from chaos and let it help you find balance.

NATURAL WORLD BALANCE: Spend quality time in Nature. Trees are amazing teachers of balance. Find a tree, lean up against its trunk and learn from it. Trees have roots that go deep into earth and branches that reach high into the heavens. Underneath the surface, their roots are in community with other roots and they share needed nutrients. They bend with the wind but don’t break from it. Feel the shift in your energy as you spend time with the trees.

May the balance we achieve through our relationship with this individual and collective chaos, propel us to a new level of personal and collective transformation. For the Highest Good of All.



To continue our conversation about duality and the Reptilian Brain, it is important to note that our Reptilian Brain is wired throughout our entire body. Its main frequency is that of fear, and fear is how it rules our logical mind, our emotions and the functioning of our very cells. You could consider this part of the brain a Tyrannical Dictator, using impulses of fear to manipulate its desired response.

We all know and have experienced this.

The good news is our human consciousness is hard wired for much more than Reptilian Rule. If we examine the atom, one of the basic structures of our Being, we find the addition of neutrality which forms a Trinity. Positive protons, neutral neutrons and negative electrons.

For the atom to perform to the best of its capacity, it needs to make use of all three positions. If it gets stuck in the duality of positive and negative charges, it is unable to move to create electricity, its primary function. The atom needs neutrality to function properly and so does our consciousness.

If we are able to overcome our triggers and move into neutrality, we loosen our position to one side and open our mind to other possibilities. Through our new balance, we may discover blind spots in our thinking or in our beliefs. We may understand more and be able to see more areas of agreement with the opposite position.

This is not a position of weakness. This is intentional and conscious strength.

To be crystal clear, the choice of neutrality, is not the surrender of our moral convictions. On the contrary. The choice of neutrality is the realization that authentic morality is not borne through division, nor is it attained by locking our lower human emotions together in a conflict that is impossible to win.

These battles, which are absolutely about important and essential-to-life issues, are all governed by Generals of Fear who answer to the Reptilian Brain. As the intensity increases, it is becoming more and more clear, that what is really at stake is much more than the essential-to-life issues we think we are fighting about, the true battle is for the ultimate control of our human consciousness.

You might say we really need a collective Albert Einstein moment.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

~~Albert Einstein

Now let’s talk about levels of consciousness.

In our conscious awareness, we have our five senses which inform us about the world around us. We process this information through our brain and make conscious decisions from the input. But our five senses are not able to process all the sources of information that are available to us.

Intuition comes from our internal consciousness. It is informed through every atom in our body, as well as other senses which cannot be identified. It presents information that is not processed by the conscious mind. It is where our gut feelings come from and is how we know things without knowing how we know them. It is the language of our multi-dimensional self in harmony with the cosmic and natural world.

When we are balanced and are able to connect with this aspect of our authentic nature, it informs us our role in the creation of our current experience. It reveals to us our hidden baggage, and provides the tools to overcome them. As we begin to take responsibility for our creations and enter into a relationship with this aspect of life, we are transformed.

Then, from our new position as a Being in connection with our true self and in relationship with all of life, together with other Beings in connection with their true selves, we will be able to resolve these important problems forever. And the world around us will also transform to reflect our inner transformation.

This solution will be borne from a new consciousness that thrives off of unity, balance and harmony. It will be one that is in relationship with all of the cosmic and natural world. Since the structure of the consciousness and the desired goals are in alignment, the solution is naturally sustainable.

There is such beauty to this.

As political activists, we have been fighting so many forms of tyrannical rulers and systemic forms of injustice in our outside world, but we have been unable to penetrate and transform the core of their power. But the core of power and its systemic rule actually exists inside of each of us. It is here and only here that we can find and claim our own Sovereignty, Freedom and Independence.

As spiritual beings, we have been longing for a world of unity, a world of truth, one that supports human life and is in harmony with Nature. It is a bit mind-boggling to think about the atom as a Holy Trinity. The Father is the positive charge, in balance with the Mother as a negative charge, giving birth to a new child of electromagnetism whose purpose is the heal the planet.

It turns out we were holding the keys to transformational change the whole time. The power is within us, hardwired in our very cells.

Always keep in mind: None of what I write about is intended to be a system of beliefs to be adhered to. They are merely the results of my own internal work that could be used as a prompt to investigate within your own consciousness.

With everything in the realm of consciousness, it is advised to prove it, test it, experiment with it and enter into a relationship with it. That moves the concept from one of theory to one of personal experience.



Most likely we all agree these last few months have been a spectacle to behold. Was there a lower emotion that was missed? Was there a judgment that wasn’t made? Indeed, was there any aspect of our lower selves that was not revealed or experienced by us in graphic, emotional and judgmental technicolor?

Now that the dust has settled, would you like to look at it from a new perspective? If so, you may want to get comfortable, for we are going on a journey into our consciousness.

The first lesson comes to us from our Reptilian Brain. This part of the brain structure can only process through the filter of duality. Here is where we fight or flight, and must make our decisions from simple pro or con options. Which means that whatever is processed through this part of the brain must be embraced or opposed. There is no middle ground.

This is the world of duality and here is where we have our greatest battles. Right against wrong, light against dark. Battles of power, injustice, morality and opposing beliefs are all fought through this part of the brain.

Thankfully, the Reptilian Brain is just one step on our ladder of evolution, for it is impossible to win a battle fought here. There are literally only two positions you can be. This is why “What you resist, persists” and “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Yet, even knowing this, we continue fire back and forth from these repelled positions deceived by the labels that identify the divide and caught in the pure force of its division. The good news is that we don’t have to be trapped on this rung of the evolutionary ladder. There are a couple of pathways, beautiful in their simplicity, that can take us out.

  • The first is the attribute of curiosity. Rather than accept the framework of division, intentionally embrace curiosity. Ask questions and listen deeply. Intentionally explore and expand upon areas of agreement. Intend to make your story about the unity you find. For unity is the key to overcome division.
  • The second is time and complexity. Rather than accept the fast-paced flow of information which encourages pro-con brain processing, take more time and introduce the element of complexity. Complexity, which requires different brain power, will take you to an entirely different part of the brain and you will receive an entirely different set of solutions.

The second lesson from a consciousness perspective is in the realm of ‘False Prophets’. Start to look around for them and you will see them everywhere. The obvious ones carry the energy of Greed, Lust, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Blame, Unworthiness, False Pride, False Security. We have all experienced them; we all have relationships with them.

Maybe we thought a spouse could save us, we got to the end of that line and realized he or she couldn’t. Maybe we thought alcohol or drugs could save us and we got to the end of that line and realized they couldn’t. Or maybe we thought a politician could save us, we got to the end of that line and realized he or she couldn’t.

As much as we may try, the solution does not lie in our outside world.  The source of our Truth, our Wisdom and our Power lies firmly within ourselves and our connection to all of life. This is the greatest secret of our existence.

Once we can see ourselves as part of all life, we will begin to see our truth and beauty.

Once we see our truth and beauty, we will learn to love and respect ourselves.

Once we love and respect ourselves, we will begin to listen and trust ourselves.

Once we begin to listen and trust ourselves, we will begin to see our mis-creations.

Once we see our mis-creations, we will see our role in the world around us.

Once we see our role in the creation of the world we see, we can heal it.

Next Article – The next rung of the Evolutionary Ladder


An Invitation to come Alive!


The Wise Woman’s words echoed within the Young Woman’s mind as she walked back to her village. She felt her words to be authentic wisdom, but it was completely foreign to the narrative of the day. She tried to share her experience with friends, but everyone was completely caught up in the emotional triggers of the world. They were not interested in hearing the Wise Woman’s words.

She started to research everything she could imagine to find the truth. At the same time, she began to spend more time in Nature. She even found her own special Cedar tree and spent time each day connecting with the tree and exploring her inner connection to all of creation. This gave her sustenance and kept her grounded on her journey.

She started to make a list of all the factors that could potentially prove the Wise Woman’s claim. Corruption and big money in politics, corporate and government malfeasance, and invasions of personal privacy were all broadly accepted concepts. So, she peeled back a layer and went deeper.

She investigated propaganda in news, entertainment and social media; she investigated MK Ultra mind control in music and media. She learned that the news media intentionally sets triggers in the brain to disrupt the flow of logical thought, replacing logic with an irreconcilable emotion. Everywhere she looked she saw people unable to move past their triggers, living proof of their effectiveness.

Then she researched Artificial Intelligence and nanotechnology. She was dismayed to hear narrative about how the technology in phones travels through the electrical currents in the body and sets up its own command center in the brain. As she observed the addictions to technology around her, she could see the effectiveness of these AI command centers and became concerned about their effects on human consciousness.

She then turned her focus to modern medicine. She observed the systematic decline in the health of the population and the systematic increase in profitable pharmaceutical drugs. She observed the gradual replacement of the body’s natural immune system with the artificial immunity of vaccines. Yet another item on the list of subtle attacks to human physical expression and consciousness.

The concept of ‘harvesting energy’ was much harder to prove. Yes, she knew basic premises like ‘what you resist persists’ and ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. And she could observe just how masterfully the opposites were being primed for maximum stress and anxiety. It was obvious who was doing the priming and harvesting, but much harder to understand for what purpose.

She still didn’t have her answers, so she kept peeling back layers. Her big break-through was when she turned her focus from the outside world to the consciousness of her inside world. As a Spiritual Seeker, she understood the concept that the outside world is merely a mirror for what needs to be resolved in the inside world. But it wasn’t until she fully connected with her Higher Self and truly sought answers that they began to come.

These answers did not come nicely packaged so she could understand and process them through her five senses. No, these answers came from the wellspring of multi-dimensional truth from beyond her five senses.

This truth exposed her internal and external conflicts so she could develop the skills to overcome them. It challenged her beliefs and judgments so she could re-evaluate them. It showed her the baggage she was carrying and the fears she was hiding, so she could learn how to transmute them.

Throughout this process she learned how to be connected, imaginative and operate on frequencies that were new to her. She developed wisdom, courage, fearlessness and a new perspective on life. It was like the door to her freedom was flung wide open, and through her curiosity and willingness to learn, she became totally and completely alive.

You may have guessed by now, this story is about me, I am the (maybe-not-so) Young Woman. You may not have guessed that I am also the Wise Woman as well as the perpetrator of all of our problems. And so are you.

For we are all multi-dimensional Beings connected in a massive web of consciousness. Through this connection we have direct access to the source of the cause of our experience. We are quite literally the ones we have been waiting for.

Knowing this changes everything.

This may be something that doesn’t resonate with you and that is okay. But if you feel a spark of lightness in my journey, I would like to invite you on the grandest of grand adventures.

Would you like to come alive with me?


“Wise Woman of the Woods: Guard it wisely”


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a beautiful country nestled between the oceans, abundant with life, health and prosperity. It was a rich country, one that supported all the people who lived there.

It was governed, not by a King, but by representatives of the people. Or so it seemed. It’s guiding principles were freedom, liberty and justice for all. Or so it seemed.

For there was a powerful force also present, one that worked behind the scenes. This force worked in the shadows, using a variety of means to milk the people of this country of their energy to increase their own power and wealth.

In the beginning, this dark force stayed in the shadows undetected. They worked both sides of every divide, stimulating any injustice to add the fuel to increase their energetic harvest. But their quest for power and wealth soon over-rode their desire for secrecy and the effects of their manipulations became more and more apparent.

At first there were just small arguments, but over time they got bigger.  This unseen force took control of the people’s very consciousness and planted triggers and traps, the effects of which divided marriages, families, and the country. There were incidents of violence, clashes everywhere, most of which were fueled by the dark forces. The people were left shell-shocked, powerless and divided.

There was a young woman in this country who watched the spread of this dark force through her beloved country. She tried everything in her power to stop it, to alert her friends, to engage in activism, but to little consequence. One day after a particularly violent altercation, she was so despondent she decided to pay a visit to the Wise Woman of the Woods. This Wise Woman was known for her wisdom, but only shared it with the true seeker, one who could hear and use what she had to say.

The Wise Woman looked deep into her eyes and saw the glimmer of her Soul in the background. She felt the beating of her heart and felt it in sync with the heart-beat of Mother Earth. She looked for the fire within and felt its fire still faintly burning. She told the young woman, “Dear One, all is not lost”.

The Wise Woman told the young woman to close her eyes and focus on the eternal fire inside her heart. She said to feel the love, joy, and compassion that fuels those flames and know this is your deep and ancient connection to the Mother of all life, Earth. Then she said to shift her focus to her mind and feel the flow of her Soul connection from your deep and ancient connection to the Cosmic Father, your eternal Father.

The young woman began to feel the energy flow within her again. She could feel the subtle flows from Mother and Father and knew that she was deeply loved. She felt stronger, more alive and more connected.

The Wise Woman told her “Dear One, this is your hidden secret, the Source of your love, wisdom and power. You may think this is about who wins governance of your country, but it is really about who wins governance over your consciousness. Guard it wisely.”


And just like that it is over. Or at least this part of this phase of it.

We have all experienced a personal and collective shock to our bodily systems. Now would be a great time to take a break and nurture ourselves.

What is it that nurtures you? Is it a hike in nature? A hot bath with bubbles? Getting a drink with friends (with or without masks)? Working on the yard or car? Getting a massage? Cooking something special? Volunteering at your favorite charity? Whatever it is, give yourself permission to indulge and replenish yourself. You deserve it.

Do you have friends who are not as close due to their political beliefs? Now would be a good time to get together. You don’t have to talk politics, to gloat or fume, just remember the bond you used to share and make the intention to rekindle it.

If you do decide to talk politics, give yourself permission to be curious. Since the election is over and the emotions are (hopefully) diffused, now would be a great time to investigate why they believe they way they do. We all either a). think we completely understand or b). can’t even begin to understand where another is coming from. Neither is correct.

Make the intention to let go of any triggers you may have that might derail you and work with your best communication skills until you feel you have complete understanding. Once you feel you understand, take the extra step to practice acceptance of this special person and the hopes and fears they carry. You may find this to be an important part of your own personal healing. For what you accept in others, you can accept in yourself.

Remember that each of us carry our own unique blend of fears and our own unique mastery of wisdom. We don’t have the same answers and we don’t have the same fears. We each have shortfalls that are easily seen in others, yet invisible within ourselves. Most importantly, we all learn from those who challenge us the most.

Let us not overlook the gift of these times.