Four Questions for Critical Thinkers

Do you believe there are Beings capable of this attack? Can you prove you do not carry toxic heavy metals in your body? Can you prove there are no hidden messages in music or the capability for mass hypnosis? Can you prove that your stance of judging, ignoring or doing nothing is wisdom from theContinue reading “Four Questions for Critical Thinkers”

I am Human Being! Claiming Your Power with SEDA!

Now I would like to talk about who we are as a Human Being. Do you ever stop to consider that we are THE most incredible creation on the Planet? Do you ever think about the millions of tasks a human body does each second without instruction? Of course there are many organs that achieveContinue reading “I am Human Being! Claiming Your Power with SEDA!”

“Now is the time…”

“Now is the time to sell everything you own”. Those nine words entered my consciousness interrupting my Sunday morning meditation in February 2006. Even though I had been consistently asking for guidance in regards to investments, to actually receive it, and so clearly, was a bit of a surprise. When I queried further, I sawContinue reading ““Now is the time…””


I have a big problem. I recently received a prophecy. It’s not that I haven’t ever received “Information from Beyond”, I have. I was a Financial Consultant when I received the last big one and it helped me get my clients out of the market before the sub-prime stock market crash. This one is evenContinue reading “Prophecy”