About Me

My name is Stacy Cossey and frankly, I am no one special. I am a mother, have been a wife and was a Financial Consultant for many years. I have been a Political Activist on both sides of the aisle. I have traveled the world with my daughter and backpack, and traveled the country while living in my RV. But none of that describes the essence of what drives me today.

I am driven by something deep inside that knows there is a way out of the mess we have created in our world. I am driven to understand what the game is and how it is played, what are our tools and where are the traps. Because just like many others, I know there is a pathway out and I am committed to find it.

I am not one who subscribes to the notion that we will be rescued out of this mess. It is our mess and our responsibility. I am one who believes it is going to be work and it may at times seem impossible, but there are hidden keys and pathways. Maybe where we least expect them.

The simple attributes of curiosity and consciousness can take us many interesting places. When we start to explore the mysteries within, we will be shown areas that need our attention. These are not inconsequential or trivial activities. These are the root causes that our collective experience is trying to show us.

We may feel ‘why bother, I’m only one person’, but when we join together with others, working to defend our human and natural life, we become part of a force that is bigger than ourselves. We remember who we are, why we have come and this becomes the process by which we truly come alive!

I invite you to join Seven Billion Rising, for we are taking our Planet back!

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