THE STORY THAT UNITES US… Part 10: Claiming our World

The beautiful Pend Oreille River

As I write this, the snow is gently falling over the slow-moving Pend Oreille River. It seems the worst of winter is behind us and spring just around the corner. With spring comes hope, sunshine and the emergence of new life and growth. In this very moment, it is peaceful and comforting.

I have been procrastinating writing this very important piece of The Story That Unites Us series. I realize there is a part of me that is waiting for the perfect plan to emerge that will solve all our problems. But I have finally realized, it doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t exist because not any one of us has all the answers. It doesn’t exist because some of the answers we haven’t realized yet. It doesn’t exist because we haven’t come together in a meaningful way to share our wisdom, and begin the process of reclaiming our world. The plan that will lead us out of this mess can only be created one step at a time by each of us working together.

We begin by showing up.

In the last nine articles, I have written about The Invisible Powers and how they manipulate our world. I only covered a handful of issues, and did not even cover Agenda 21, (which deserves its own conversation). As I tried to articulate, they have a plan they are aggressively implementing that does not honor, respect or support democracy, humanity, plants, animals or the Planet on which we live.

I hope at this point the framework is clear.

It isn’t that The Invisible Powers don’t understand what they are doing to humanity and the Planet. It isn’t that more education will change their mind. They may talk a good talk and pull our right strings, but their actions speak louder than words. It is all of us that need to understand that they are moving down another path and that path does not support humanity or the world in which we live.

We are the only ones who will protect humanity and the planet. It is up to us to educate ourselves, our friends, and show up in numbers to protect what we hold dear.

When we decide we have the power,

and we decide we have a voice,

and we decide we can work together,

then we will transform individually and collectively

into a force that cannot be denied.

And maybe that is the whole point of the position we find ourselves in.

There is such amazing love, wisdom and power in living in a healthy and vibrant community, where people unite to hang out, to have fun and support each other. There are so many natural systems that thrive in this setting. Our own immune system, healthy and organic gardens, co-operative business ventures, systems of barter, structures of looking out for each other. We need to reclaim our nurturing systems and engage politically to protect these systems.

Because it should be clear, The Invisible Powers are systematically breaking down our personal and community immunity. They are trying to disrupt and replace our natural, healthy and vibrant systems with their artificial intelligence, big-money and chemically based systems.

They are the only ones who thrive with GMO foods, chemically based agriculture, chemically based immune systems, taking our constitutional rights, buying our elections, media propaganda, mind control, robbing our local economies and making us dependent upon their Big-Box businesses.

This is a systematic, global effort to control us. Not just the left, not just the right. All of us. The sooner we work together to understand and stop it, the better chance we have to succeed.

This is a call to action for every citizen on this Planet, for this is a global plan. Are you personally going to do nothing and ride along with The Invisible Powers or are you going to show up and fight for our communities, our rights, sovereignty and the health and well-being of the Planet and all living beings?

Many of us have been showing up. Some of us have been showing up for years. What we haven’t done is work together in a focused manner on key issues that threaten the survival of all of us. Can you imagine the political power that could come from a unified field of targeted political action?

THIS is the force I am talking about!!

Stay tuned…

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