THE STORY THAT UNITES US… Part Six: The Energy Harvest

This article is going to delve into an area that may be a bit foreign to some readers. Which means, there may be some triggers to dismantle on the way to acquiring new neurons. No worries, we already know how to do that!

Perhaps the best place to start is to quote Nikolai Tesla:

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

The full spectrum of electromagnetism from the sun comes to us in the form of energy. The visible spectrum is the part we can see, but gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared and radio wave frequencies operate beyond our range of vision. We know they are there; we are just unable to see them with our naked eye.

Perhaps you know someone who works with the energy of consciousness and has trained themselves to be sensitive to energies. In other words, they can ‘feel’ through their subtle body energies that which is beyond our visual spectrum.

The truth is, we all feel energy.  We feel the human emotion of love. For each other, our families, our country and know the power love holds. You can’t always describe it, but you know when you feel it. It is balanced, connected to Our Creator and it draws you in like a big hug.

We have also all felt the human emotion of anger, hatred, condemnation. We know the power these lower emotions hold. They can divide a marriage, a family and even a country. It is chaotic and destructive.

So, we all know that thoughts, emotions, words and actions hold the frequency of energy. We don’t need to see it; we can feel it on some level and know the power it holds.


The energy we put out there in our words, thoughts or actions, does not disappear once it leaves our conscious awareness. Energy goes out into the atmosphere, accumulates, and that same energy returns back around. This is called the Law of Attraction and it is how we energetically create our reality.

If we put out love, compassion, hope and positive thoughts, the energy they carry will circle right back to us. If we put out judgment, condemnation, hatred and dire thoughts, the energy they carry will also circle right back to us.

Thankfully, we are able, through our consciousness, to retrieve our mis-guided energetic creations and balance them or heal them from the point of origin, ourselves.


The next important concept to cover for this part of The Story, is in the realm of human relationships. There are those people we might call energy freeloaders. These people are not connected to their Creator and therefore must acquire the energy from others to survive. Typically, they target a loving and giving person and position themselves to suck the energy they need.

We have all kinds of psychological names for these types of relationships. Givers and takers, narcissist and empaths, co-dependent relationships. Now before we go into massive judgment mode, it is wise to acknowledge that all of us, on some level, are fully capable of both sides of these relationships.

In the question between givers and takers, The Invisible Powers are always Takers with a capital T. As the powers behind the media, they have a never-ending greed for the chaos of the lower emotions, for that is how they survive.


“As long as they can hold us in our ego centers,

they can be assured of their long-standing reign.

They know how to activate the animal, drug the addict,

divide and isolate, and desensitize community awareness.

They know how to create a nationalistic frenzy, and false loyalties to superheroes.”

**Quote that I have in my notes and can’t find the reference now. I apologize. **

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who was having a hard time dealing with an article that was saying how hateful Trump supporters were. She just didn’t know how to deal with the possibility that people could be so hateful. I asked her what emotions were coming up for her and she gasped and exclaimed, “I never thought it had to do with MY emotions!”

Most likely we all agree these last few months have been a spectacle to behold. Was there a lower emotion that was missed? Was there a judgment that wasn’t made? Indeed, was there any aspect of our lower selves that was not revealed or experienced by us in graphic, emotional and judgmental technicolor?

We all have felt the full range of all of our lower emotions in these last years. Media propaganda is specifically designed to inflame them.  We would be wise to ask the question, for what purpose? While there are no clear-cut answers, there are some possibilities we can follow.

Now I ask you to remain inquisitive as you read this, for what I am about to write, has no scientific proof. This is just an intuitive possibility that is worth some curiosity. With some of the advances in technologies we have been reading, I wouldn’t even put it out of the realm of possibility.

What if? The Invisible Powers have developed some sort of technology that allows them to harvest the lower discordant energies that we put out there every day? And this is how they energetically feed themselves?

From this perspective, with all the discordant energies flying around, we must be ripe for the harvest!

  • That could that be one reason as to why the media must continuously find something to inflame us. They certainly put a lot of effort into keeping us in our lower animal centers. And we so willingly oblige.
  • If that is the case, then we have to take it to the next step and wonder if the reason sports arenas are mostly owned by companies of The Invisible Powers has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with the energies they produce.

But this is good news for us! Because it should work both ways, right? If they are harvesting the energies we put out there, why can’t we stop putting out discordant energies and heal what we already put out there? That would make sense, wouldn’t it?


Once we learn to see their game, we don’t have to take the bait and feed their chaotic energetic needs. We can each begin to take responsibility for the energy we put out there and choose a balanced form of expression instead. In the process, we claim our sovereignty over our lower animal instincts and begin to create a better future for ourselves and our families.

If we think we might be ready to try something like this, what might it look like?

  • When we are ready to let go of our need to be right, we can embrace curiosity and be ready for new complexities.
  • When we are ready to let go of our need to be superior, cast judgment and condemn, we will be ready to truly accept and honor one another.
  • When we are ready to let go of our division, we will be ready to experience unity.
  • When we are ready to let go of our greed and consumption, we will be ready to experience ourselves as enough.
  • When we are ready to let go of competition and domination, we will be ready to embrace equality.
  • When we are ready to let go of lust, we will be ready to explore the mysteries of love, sexuality, respect, honor and creation.
  • When we are ready to let go of our thrill of the fight, we will be ready to embrace peace.

As we do this, we reduce the negative forcefields in the ethers and the available negative energy for other forces to use. This is something every single one of us can do. There is no one keeping us from cleaning up our energetic mis-creations. We hold all the power here.

Can you imagine what would happen if propaganda tried to control us and we didn’t take the bait? Whoa! Now that would be something!



One way to claim sovereignty over our lower thoughts and emotions is to begin a ritual of cleansing yourself from them. Mine goes something like this, but you can create your own process that works for you:

“Father/Mother God, I ask to bring forth from all

my lives, in every dimension, from every timeline,

all my expressions of Judgment.

Bring forth not only the original expression,

But also, the negative effect of that expression.

I ask and offer forgiveness for my mis-perception to all involved.

I claim the pearl of wisdom from this experience,

I ask my frequency to be released from the burden of this mis-creation.

I was the beginning and now I am the ending of this energetic creation.

I am ready to let go, and let the energy be transformed,

I am ready to claim my energetic balance.

Thank you for my release. I am so very grateful.”


I use this process when I find myself upset about something in the outside world. I have learned to treat these emotional triggers as indicators that I personally, have work to do. I know I can’t do anything about anyone else, but I can take care of myself and my own mis-creations in the best way I know how.

  1. Think about the things that bother you the most in our outside world and make a list. Try to get down to the core energy behind it. We are looking for the energy behind the issues that trigger you the most.
  2. For example, perhaps the thing that bothers you the most is racism. If you look at the underlying energy, you may find prejudice, condemnation, judgment, fear at the core. Make a note of its opposite. Perhaps that would be acceptance, respect and love for other people and ourselves.
  3. Or maybe the thing that bothers you the most is the concern that we are heading very quickly into a dictator state where the government controls our every move. If we look at the underlying energy it is about control, manipulation and fear. The opposite could be the allowance of another’s free will, sovereignty.
  4. Now take the awareness of the triggering energy and examine yourself and how you show up in the world.
  5. Can you find areas in your life where you are not accepting and respectful?
  6. Can you find areas in your life where you do not honor another’s free will and sovereign choice?  
  7. Since every mis-creation is grounded in fear, can you find areas where you are fearful?
  8. Once you identify the places where you exhibit the same characteristics you judge, do some journaling to identify how you might transform your own behavior. What issues or people are a concern? What words or characteristics would you like to change about yourself? Are there people you need to make amends with?
  9. Then make a conscious attempt to anchor this new consciousness in the outside world. For example, if you feel you need to be more accepting and respectful, think about some activity you can do to practice your newly emerging attribute. Maybe its volunteering at a local foodbank or homeless shelter. If you feel you need to respect other people’s choices, pay attention. Perhaps you need to stop imposing your ideas or advice on other people.

As you practice this technique you may find that it continually takes you deeper. What I have found is that it is not usually about what is outside of us. The outside world is merely acting as a mirror, trying to wake us up to the personal work we each need to do in our own consciousness!

Next… Part Seven – The Elephant in the Room

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