THE STORY THAT UNITES US… Part Four: Artificial Intelligence

Mt. Rainier Creek

One of the most amazing things about the human spirit is its ability to rise up to challenges that are seemingly insurmountable. We instinctively know how to work together to overcome a common foe. Through the process of overcoming, we learn, expand, stretch and become wiser. And perhaps that is its purpose.

I needed to remember that when I researched Artificial Intelligence, so I thought I would remind you in advance…

But first, let’s do a quick review of what we have uncovered so far in our quest to find the fingerprints of The Invisible Powers. Propaganda, it seems, was created by men looking to influence the public for the purposes of marketing. It works mostly on the conscious level and since its creation, has morphed into a powerful form of population control.

MK Ultra was created by our government with the dedicated goal of creating spies, assassins and mind controlling both individuals and the population. It works mostly on the sub-conscious level, which makes it harder to track and prove, but there are certainly fingerprints left behind.

The sub-conscious mind is also where Artificial Intelligence operates. It is a vast subject with many intersecting currents and conflicting powers. While there seem to be plenty of clues leading to a dire conclusion, please don’t take this writing as fact. Follow your own curiosity, do some research and try to prove another conclusion.

Artificial Intelligence

Since we don’t think about it much, it may seem that Artificial Intelligence is a concept far removed from our reality, but in fact Artificial Intelligence is intimate with our reality. Our phones, watches, headsets, computers, cars, televisions, and smart devices are just a few of the technologies we come in contact with on a daily, if not continuous basis.

We are all in contact with Artificial Intelligence. The simplest example is when your smart phone listens to your conversations and make suggestions for future purchases. The most complex may be the electromagnetic penetration of your brain to extract information or plant suggestions. Clearly, there are a myriad of applications in-between.

To me, Artificial Intelligence is one of those areas of research that falls into the category of ‘just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something’. It is the unintended (or maybe in the case of The Invisible Powers, intended) consequences that concern me.

The first major impact from Artificial Intelligence is to our health.

It is important to note that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 gives telecommunications companies immunity from lawsuits due to health or environmental concerns. That is usually a clear sign of the presence of The Invisible Powers.

The electromagnetic field that is required to power this technology is not healthy for humans and other living things. The research the FCC relies upon only studies the thermal effects from the heat of the phone to the brain. They completely avoid doing non-thermal research on the issue of systemic radiation causing scientifically proven neurological brain, heart, cancer and fertility issues. Avoiding applicable research is also a clear sign of The Invisible Powers.

“We know that there is a massive literature, providing a high level of scientific certainty, for each of eight pathophysiological effects caused by non-thermal microwave frequency EMF exposures… They attack our nervous system and endocrine system, produce oxidative stress, attack the DNA of our cells, produce elevated levels of apoptosis (programmed cell death), lower male and female fertility, produce excess intra cellular calcium.”

Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University

And the ultimate in memorable quotes:

“5G presents an existential risk to humanity”

Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University

The second major impact is to our human consciousness.

Take a close look at humanity today. Do you notice a difference in the level and quality of human communication that occurs either during or in-between scrolling the Internet? What about video games? Do you know anyone addicted to video games?

When you put your phone down, do you feel the pull to pick it up again and ‘check what’s going on?’ It seriously makes one wonder if we are in charge of our technology or our technology is in charge of us!

Cyrus A. Parsa, of the AI Organization, is the author of Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity and gives a chilling warning about the bio-digital risks of smart phones.

“The moment you purchase your smart phone and activate it, it starts to send frequencies to your body. As soon as you touch it with your hand and begin to use it, it begins a replication flow cycle until it creates a bio-digital flow cycle with your Human Bio-Digital network.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

The third major impact is to our personal life and collective society.

We should all have the inalienable right to think our own thoughts, have our own desires and make our own decisions in our personal and collective world. The human brain should be sacrosanct. On this we all agree.

Cyrus A. Parsa, of the AI Organization has researched over 1000 AI, Robotics, 5G, Cybernetic, and Big Tech companies to piece together a theme that has the complete control of mankind as its goal. This well researched perspective gave him the clues to warn about the Coronavirus as well as important pieces of the pandemic lockdown.

The following is a sampling of technological developments that are currently in the works. For a complete explanation, and many more technologies, I highly recommend his book, Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to Humanity.

  • Neuralink – Desires to implant a digital brain into you via hardware to make you a cyborg machine. Elon Musk want to install artificial intelligence into your brain and put you in a symbiosis state with artificial intelligence. He states it is not mandatory, but you can choose to have a machine put in your brain to change your humanity into AI.
  • Facebook AI – Is working on a digital ‘You’. Can condition and bio-digitally social program you. Human brain can be controlled through emotions without any resistance or knowledge to its presence.
  • US Congress Digital Brain –An AI digital brain can target members of congress to write laws in favor of AI, or in favor of a corporation, country or individual.
  • Super Humans Both Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX want to implant themselves into machinery that would allow part of their brain to be accessed and controlled, giving them super human powers.

The fourth major impact is to our civilization.

  • Google Artificial Intelligence is working on a super conscious AI Brain – With data on almost all people, things and subjects on the planet, a digital super computer, robot, or a person that has merged with cybernetics could achieve a certain automated consciousness that would be a threat to humanity.
  • Interconnectivity between Amazon, Google, Facebook, China – The interconnection of technology, vulnerabilities with privacy, access and control of drones, micro-bots and connection of the 5G network would allow an AI digital mind to simultaneously create millions of actions in a split second to command robotics before any person knew what happened.
  • A smart city with 5G and AI automation will leave no place beyond its control. Any place within the proximity of a computer, a machine, the internet or a roaming robot poses great security concerns… Through facial, voice, body and a multitude of other thought recognition technology, the smart city can track and hunt a person or group.

“China wants to rule the world by connecting an AI digital brain to robotics, via the 5G network. This would allow the Chinese regime to control drones, micro-bots, humanoid robots, vehicles, infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoTs), smart phones and all data pertaining to the entire human race… I discovered, through espionage, forced tech transfers, investment, mergers, open-source sharing, and collaboration, China has acquired the bio-metric data of more than 6 billion people on the Planet. This data includes your facial, voice and body recognition.”

Cyrus Parsa, Artificial Super Intelligence

Okay, that was heavy.

With Propaganda, it seems reasonable to conclude they want to influence us. With MK Ultra, it seems reasonable to conclude they want to control us. With Artificial Intelligence it seems reasonable to conclude they want to enslave us and take over our very consciousness.

The question is, are we going to let them?

We have to remember: Artificial Intelligence is still no match for the human brain and cannot touch the love that flows through our heart. It will never have a soul or a connection to the Prime Creator.    


We are children of the stars, seeded with Mother Earth. We have the keys to the entire Universe hidden within us. We have access to infinite wisdom in our minds and unlimited love in our hearts. Together these gifts are our inheritance and they are waiting for us to (put down our technology) and discover them.

It would be a shame to lose these gifts before we have a chance to experience them.

The journey within is where we begin to tap into our connection to the cosmic and natural world. This is where our focus and our trust should lie, in our own Higher Self in connection with Mother/Father Creator.

Our mind is a gift from our Father in the cosmos. It is a magnificent living library of wisdom. Our heart is a gift from our Mother Earth. It is capable of tremendous transformative love. We are the sacred union between the two and have access to the secrets of both.

We are proficient at using our conscious mind. We receive information from our five senses and they go through our brain to be processed. We work with these bits of information using our thoughts and logic, or worry and fear. Let’s be clear, our mind is the natural intelligence that artificial intelligence is trying to mimic.

While we generally aren’t aware of this, we also receive information from a multitude of undefined senses in connection with Nature. This information goes through each cell to be processed. When our cells process something, we get intuitive hits, gut feelings or a knowingness. It is the same wisdom that guides a seed to sprout or a flower to bloom. We have forgotten we are also part of this web of life.

When we consciously develop our intuitive nature, we allow for another set of senses to help us navigate our world. While the brain may not be able to tell where a thought comes from or when it is being deceived, the intuitive body can pick up on subtle changes in frequency. The intuitive body is also wise and healing.


Leave your phone and all technology behind and go out in the woods. Find a tree that you are drawn to and sit with your back against its trunk. You are plugging into the natural web of life. Relax and let go.

Begin to focus on your heart and feel the warmth. Take a deep breath in and breathe a column of light up to our Father in the Cosmos. Offer your gratitude and return back to your heart. Then breathe out and down to our Mother in the center of Earth. Offer your gratitude and return back to your heart.

Feel the currents of energy flow within you between Heaven and Earth. As you breathe in, fill your heart. As you breath out, expand through your heart into your frequency. Get used to the feeling of connection.

The tree you are leaning against naturally reaches to both heaven and earth. It is one of the generators of the oxygen we need to survive. It bends with the wind, but doesn’t break. Its roots live in community with other trees and share nutrients. Trees can live for hundreds of years and are naturally very wise.

You can talk to Mother/Father God, or your tree and share your troubles, you can sit there in focused gratitude, you can open your heart and let your love flow, you can ask to be healed, you can intend to receive the answer to a question. Develop this part of your consciousness and let it help you.

Then when you feel off center from the challenges of the world. Take a second, connect and affirm your frequency. “I claim myself in balance and harmony for the Highest Good of All”. The world may be chaotic around you, but you can hold your own pillar of balance.

Next… Part Five: Business Plans Revealed

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