Part One: The Invisible Powers

Zion National Park

In the aftermath of the election, many of my conservative friends are hunkering down, fearing for the worst in a bigger than life drama that did not go as expected. At the same time, my liberal friends are still getting their balance after their trauma of the last four years. There is a palpable shift of energy as both sides adjust to a new set of circumstances.

Both sides are under the impression that their enemy is the other, which makes the call for unity just an idealistic dream. Maybe we can pretend to be unified under the guise of conversion to our own ideals, but true unity at this point is clearly impossible. On this, we are united.

But… What if?? Our enemy is NOT each other? What if our enemy just creates that illusion to maintain its power? What if there is another way of looking at things that uncovers The Invisible Powers, and another way of addressing them that is not only transformative, but healing for all of us?

THAT would be a story that needs to be told.

While I don’t have any special training to be writing this, I have been in the unique position of being politically active on the left, the right and in the middle. What I have discovered from this experience is there are good, caring and intelligent people who care deeply about our country on both sides. I have found that perceptions about what the ‘other side’ believes are grossly inaccurate, while condemnation of the ‘other side’ is about the same.

In addition to my interest in politics, I also have a deep interest in human consciousness and spirituality. For years I tried to keep my interest in politics separate from my interest in human consciousness, but the truth is, these worlds are colliding and calling to be integrated. And I am finding my voice.

I will be weaving simple exercises or Adventures in Consciousness into this story. They are meant to be what they are called, ‘Adventures’. You get to decide whether you embark on one or skip it this time, whether you adventure deep into the forest or just along its edge. You are in charge of your own adventure.

It is possible that this Story will not only unite us, but transform us as well. And not a moment too soon.

For there is a powerful invisible force that is gaining unspeakable power. This force is a-political and operates behind the scenes. It is intentional, focused, and ruthless in its quest to dominate. It uses propaganda to pull the right strings for each side, pitting us against each other, operating behind the scenes un-noticed. We react, get triggered and take action at the right moments unknowingly implementing our part of The Plan.

This powerful, invisible force is not a big cosmic mistake, it is here for an important reason. It is here to help us remember the truth of who we are and what we are capable of Being. It is here to help us understand our role its creation and to encourage us to take steps for healing.

Seriously, what do we have to lose?


Even though it goes against every grain of who we are as Human Beings, for the purposes of this story let’s imagine there are two types of people. We are the first type. We are naturally part of Earth and nature and connected to Our Creator*. We are loving, harmonious and thrive off unity and family.

*Please substitute whatever name you prefer to represent the God Force that created us.

The second type, while of God, are not connected to Our Creator or their hearts. The Invisible Powers naturally consume and take dominion. Whether the dominion is over people, resources, money or the planet, what is left behind is robbed and left in poverty or toxic waste. They feed off chaos, destruction and division. And us.

The invisible Powers have left their fingerprints throughout the history of our planet.

  • We have seen their actions show up as genocide, war, slavery, human trafficking, racism, white supremacy, and poisons in our food, drugs and environment.
  • We have seen their energies show up as fear, destruction, anger, rage, greed, consumption, domination, corrupt power, control, manipulation and deception.
  • We have seen their fingerprints on the suppression of many life changing technologies throughout the years.

Who are The Invisible Powers? While there is no identifying list, one could assume they are the 1/10         of 1% that are benefitting from the policies of this century.


One of my big epiphanies was when I realized the list of crimes were getting so long, it was no longer possible for me to dismiss them as simply part of humanity’s learning curve. Once I started to view them from the lens of intentionality, the pieces began to fall more clearly into place.

It is and always has been intentional! This is WHY meaningful political action on any aspect of injustice never comes to fruition. This is WHY propaganda is designed to pit people against people. This is WHY the division between the parties must be maintained at all costs.

We have been operating under the framework that we do the best we can, sometimes we make mistakes and the other party is generally to blame. This is the framework they want us to believe as they operate behind the scenes, pulling the strings for both sides. This quote says it all:

“It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism,

While the wolf remains of a different opinion”.

William Ralph Inge



Everyone has their own relationship with God and therefore their own definition for God. But it is always good to hear another viewpoint because it opens new doors of curiosity or consideration. The following is my own framework which may or may not resonate with you.

God is all that is, was and ever will be. Whether we are conscious of this connection or not, we are all part of God’s creation.

The God Force in our outside world is naturally both positive and negative; creative and destructive; light and dark; masculine and feminine; chaos and order. Without one, the other would not exist. We can prove this by our understanding of electricity, or the cycles of the seasons or days.

We too, naturally hold opposites. While we prefer to show only our best side, our dark side is also always present. Maybe it shows up in negative habits, maybe it shows up as unpredictable emotional outbursts. Whether it is known or unknown, suppressed or acknowledged, we too hold opposites.

Not only do we need the opposites to survive, the friction between the two makes us better. One example of this is when we exercise our body. We intentionally work our muscles and lungs to fatigue, and then celebrate the strength that is acquired through this workout.

This also works on the level of human consciousness. Think back to some of your most challenging times. You may think of them as dark times, but what gifts were you able to claim on the other side?

Did you learn to use your voice? Did you learn to set boundaries? To be more discerning? Did you learn to honor yourself? Did you learn to be humble? Are you stronger and more courageous? If you didn’t have that challenge, would you even be the person you are today? Can you say that challenge made you better as a human being?

Perhaps the cosmic purpose of these challenging times is to give us the opportunity to stretch and grow and claim new levels of Being. If we can understand the negative as a catalyst for personal and collective change, we can begin to embrace personal growth alongside the friction and navigate these times much easier.

Next… Part Two: Propaganda


  1. Thank you for this thoughtful analysis! I love the way you are able to capture the essence of what is happening on both sides in a way that shouldn’t trigger either one 🙂 Thank you for for sharing this!


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