B * A * L * A * N * C * E


When you think about it, every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body needs balance to survive and thrive. Just being alive in today’s world can be chaotic and we must work to achieve balance. Then more chaos comes our way and we need to find a deeper and higher balance.

We can operate for periods of time in chaos, but our strength is not found in chaos. Our strength is found in balance. We would be happy to exist for long periods of time in balance, but our growth and expansion is deepened by our relationship with chaos. This is part of our evolutionary spiral of life.

Chaos is tricky and full of traps. Especially those chaotic conflicts borne of the clash of our deeply held beliefs. For when we are defending our beliefs, we are defending who we are at the deepest level. Or at least who we think we are.

But what if this chaos, this bigger-than-life political divide, is here to challenge just that?

Perhaps there is wisdom in letting chaos be our teacher, to engage with it, recognize what it is stimulating in you and then enter into the process of finding the balance. For balance is the key to open new levels of understanding.

If you are having problems finding the balance, here are a couple of prompts that might help:

PHYSICAL BODY BALANCE: These are challenging times on all levels. Make sure you eat right and get enough exercise so your body can help move the stress through your system.

EMOTIONAL BODY BALANCE: What do you think happens to intense thoughts paired with intense emotion? Does the energy disappear into the ethers forever, never to be seen again? Or does it circle back around to those responsible for its creation? Would you ever want to receive the energetic backlash of what you are putting out there?

MENTAL BODY BALANCE: Think about the core of what we All wish our world to look like. Fresh air and water, a clean environment, healthy food. A world where all of our ‘systems’ work together in balance and harmony for the highest good of everyone, not just the few. When we stand in the space of what we all what for our world, We the People are not divided. It is wise to remember that one of the first goals of propaganda is to re-frame the issue so the dynamic is never We-the-People-calling-for-accountability-from-the-Power-Manipulators. Propaganda is their first level of protection. If we are so divided, we can’t even talk to one another, we won’t be able to work together to get them out. Rather than spend mental energy fighting the opposite side, what about using it to claim what we all want?

SPIRITUAL BODY BALANCE: Turn off technology and spend time in meditation or quiet contemplation. If you have problems calming your mind, here is a fun suggestion. Fly with the eagles and play with the wind; dive off the top of a waterfall; swim with the dolphins; explore crystal caves; dance with the fairies. Do the impossible in this world and free your mind of its logical constraints. Feel the freedom from chaos and let it help you find balance.

NATURAL WORLD BALANCE: Spend quality time in Nature. Trees are amazing teachers of balance. Find a tree, lean up against its trunk and learn from it. Trees have roots that go deep into earth and branches that reach high into the heavens. Underneath the surface, their roots are in community with other roots and they share needed nutrients. They bend with the wind but don’t break from it. Feel the shift in your energy as you spend time with the trees.

May the balance we achieve through our relationship with this individual and collective chaos, propel us to a new level of personal and collective transformation. For the Highest Good of All.

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