To continue our conversation about duality and the Reptilian Brain, it is important to note that our Reptilian Brain is wired throughout our entire body. Its main frequency is that of fear, and fear is how it rules our logical mind, our emotions and the functioning of our very cells. You could consider this part of the brain a Tyrannical Dictator, using impulses of fear to manipulate its desired response.

We all know and have experienced this.

The good news is our human consciousness is hard wired for much more than Reptilian Rule. If we examine the atom, one of the basic structures of our Being, we find the addition of neutrality which forms a Trinity. Positive protons, neutral neutrons and negative electrons.

For the atom to perform to the best of its capacity, it needs to make use of all three positions. If it gets stuck in the duality of positive and negative charges, it is unable to move to create electricity, its primary function. The atom needs neutrality to function properly and so does our consciousness.

If we are able to overcome our triggers and move into neutrality, we loosen our position to one side and open our mind to other possibilities. Through our new balance, we may discover blind spots in our thinking or in our beliefs. We may understand more and be able to see more areas of agreement with the opposite position.

This is not a position of weakness. This is intentional and conscious strength.

To be crystal clear, the choice of neutrality, is not the surrender of our moral convictions. On the contrary. The choice of neutrality is the realization that authentic morality is not borne through division, nor is it attained by locking our lower human emotions together in a conflict that is impossible to win.

These battles, which are absolutely about important and essential-to-life issues, are all governed by Generals of Fear who answer to the Reptilian Brain. As the intensity increases, it is becoming more and more clear, that what is really at stake is much more than the essential-to-life issues we think we are fighting about, the true battle is for the ultimate control of our human consciousness.

You might say we really need a collective Albert Einstein moment.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

~~Albert Einstein

Now let’s talk about levels of consciousness.

In our conscious awareness, we have our five senses which inform us about the world around us. We process this information through our brain and make conscious decisions from the input. But our five senses are not able to process all the sources of information that are available to us.

Intuition comes from our internal consciousness. It is informed through every atom in our body, as well as other senses which cannot be identified. It presents information that is not processed by the conscious mind. It is where our gut feelings come from and is how we know things without knowing how we know them. It is the language of our multi-dimensional self in harmony with the cosmic and natural world.

When we are balanced and are able to connect with this aspect of our authentic nature, it informs us our role in the creation of our current experience. It reveals to us our hidden baggage, and provides the tools to overcome them. As we begin to take responsibility for our creations and enter into a relationship with this aspect of life, we are transformed.

Then, from our new position as a Being in connection with our true self and in relationship with all of life, together with other Beings in connection with their true selves, we will be able to resolve these important problems forever. And the world around us will also transform to reflect our inner transformation.

This solution will be borne from a new consciousness that thrives off of unity, balance and harmony. It will be one that is in relationship with all of the cosmic and natural world. Since the structure of the consciousness and the desired goals are in alignment, the solution is naturally sustainable.

There is such beauty to this.

As political activists, we have been fighting so many forms of tyrannical rulers and systemic forms of injustice in our outside world, but we have been unable to penetrate and transform the core of their power. But the core of power and its systemic rule actually exists inside of each of us. It is here and only here that we can find and claim our own Sovereignty, Freedom and Independence.

As spiritual beings, we have been longing for a world of unity, a world of truth, one that supports human life and is in harmony with Nature. It is a bit mind-boggling to think about the atom as a Holy Trinity. The Father is the positive charge, in balance with the Mother as a negative charge, giving birth to a new child of electromagnetism whose purpose is the heal the planet.

It turns out we were holding the keys to transformational change the whole time. The power is within us, hardwired in our very cells.

Always keep in mind: None of what I write about is intended to be a system of beliefs to be adhered to. They are merely the results of my own internal work that could be used as a prompt to investigate within your own consciousness.

With everything in the realm of consciousness, it is advised to prove it, test it, experiment with it and enter into a relationship with it. That moves the concept from one of theory to one of personal experience.


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