Most likely we all agree these last few months have been a spectacle to behold. Was there a lower emotion that was missed? Was there a judgment that wasn’t made? Indeed, was there any aspect of our lower selves that was not revealed or experienced by us in graphic, emotional and judgmental technicolor?

Now that the dust has settled, would you like to look at it from a new perspective? If so, you may want to get comfortable, for we are going on a journey into our consciousness.

The first lesson comes to us from our Reptilian Brain. This part of the brain structure can only process through the filter of duality. Here is where we fight or flight, and must make our decisions from simple pro or con options. Which means that whatever is processed through this part of the brain must be embraced or opposed. There is no middle ground.

This is the world of duality and here is where we have our greatest battles. Right against wrong, light against dark. Battles of power, injustice, morality and opposing beliefs are all fought through this part of the brain.

Thankfully, the Reptilian Brain is just one step on our ladder of evolution, for it is impossible to win a battle fought here. There are literally only two positions you can be. This is why “What you resist, persists” and “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Yet, even knowing this, we continue fire back and forth from these repelled positions deceived by the labels that identify the divide and caught in the pure force of its division. The good news is that we don’t have to be trapped on this rung of the evolutionary ladder. There are a couple of pathways, beautiful in their simplicity, that can take us out.

  • The first is the attribute of curiosity. Rather than accept the framework of division, intentionally embrace curiosity. Ask questions and listen deeply. Intentionally explore and expand upon areas of agreement. Intend to make your story about the unity you find. For unity is the key to overcome division.
  • The second is time and complexity. Rather than accept the fast-paced flow of information which encourages pro-con brain processing, take more time and introduce the element of complexity. Complexity, which requires different brain power, will take you to an entirely different part of the brain and you will receive an entirely different set of solutions.

The second lesson from a consciousness perspective is in the realm of ‘False Prophets’. Start to look around for them and you will see them everywhere. The obvious ones carry the energy of Greed, Lust, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Blame, Unworthiness, False Pride, False Security. We have all experienced them; we all have relationships with them.

Maybe we thought a spouse could save us, we got to the end of that line and realized he or she couldn’t. Maybe we thought alcohol or drugs could save us and we got to the end of that line and realized they couldn’t. Or maybe we thought a politician could save us, we got to the end of that line and realized he or she couldn’t.

As much as we may try, the solution does not lie in our outside world.  The source of our Truth, our Wisdom and our Power lies firmly within ourselves and our connection to all of life. This is the greatest secret of our existence.

Once we can see ourselves as part of all life, we will begin to see our truth and beauty.

Once we see our truth and beauty, we will learn to love and respect ourselves.

Once we love and respect ourselves, we will begin to listen and trust ourselves.

Once we begin to listen and trust ourselves, we will begin to see our mis-creations.

Once we see our mis-creations, we will see our role in the world around us.

Once we see our role in the creation of the world we see, we can heal it.

Next Article – The next rung of the Evolutionary Ladder


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