An Invitation to come Alive!


The Wise Woman’s words echoed within the Young Woman’s mind as she walked back to her village. She felt her words to be authentic wisdom, but it was completely foreign to the narrative of the day. She tried to share her experience with friends, but everyone was completely caught up in the emotional triggers of the world. They were not interested in hearing the Wise Woman’s words.

She started to research everything she could imagine to find the truth. At the same time, she began to spend more time in Nature. She even found her own special Cedar tree and spent time each day connecting with the tree and exploring her inner connection to all of creation. This gave her sustenance and kept her grounded on her journey.

She started to make a list of all the factors that could potentially prove the Wise Woman’s claim. Corruption and big money in politics, corporate and government malfeasance, and invasions of personal privacy were all broadly accepted concepts. So, she peeled back a layer and went deeper.

She investigated propaganda in news, entertainment and social media; she investigated MK Ultra mind control in music and media. She learned that the news media intentionally sets triggers in the brain to disrupt the flow of logical thought, replacing logic with an irreconcilable emotion. Everywhere she looked she saw people unable to move past their triggers, living proof of their effectiveness.

Then she researched Artificial Intelligence and nanotechnology. She was dismayed to hear narrative about how the technology in phones travels through the electrical currents in the body and sets up its own command center in the brain. As she observed the addictions to technology around her, she could see the effectiveness of these AI command centers and became concerned about their effects on human consciousness.

She then turned her focus to modern medicine. She observed the systematic decline in the health of the population and the systematic increase in profitable pharmaceutical drugs. She observed the gradual replacement of the body’s natural immune system with the artificial immunity of vaccines. Yet another item on the list of subtle attacks to human physical expression and consciousness.

The concept of ‘harvesting energy’ was much harder to prove. Yes, she knew basic premises like ‘what you resist persists’ and ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. And she could observe just how masterfully the opposites were being primed for maximum stress and anxiety. It was obvious who was doing the priming and harvesting, but much harder to understand for what purpose.

She still didn’t have her answers, so she kept peeling back layers. Her big break-through was when she turned her focus from the outside world to the consciousness of her inside world. As a Spiritual Seeker, she understood the concept that the outside world is merely a mirror for what needs to be resolved in the inside world. But it wasn’t until she fully connected with her Higher Self and truly sought answers that they began to come.

These answers did not come nicely packaged so she could understand and process them through her five senses. No, these answers came from the wellspring of multi-dimensional truth from beyond her five senses.

This truth exposed her internal and external conflicts so she could develop the skills to overcome them. It challenged her beliefs and judgments so she could re-evaluate them. It showed her the baggage she was carrying and the fears she was hiding, so she could learn how to transmute them.

Throughout this process she learned how to be connected, imaginative and operate on frequencies that were new to her. She developed wisdom, courage, fearlessness and a new perspective on life. It was like the door to her freedom was flung wide open, and through her curiosity and willingness to learn, she became totally and completely alive.

You may have guessed by now, this story is about me, I am the (maybe-not-so) Young Woman. You may not have guessed that I am also the Wise Woman as well as the perpetrator of all of our problems. And so are you.

For we are all multi-dimensional Beings connected in a massive web of consciousness. Through this connection we have direct access to the source of the cause of our experience. We are quite literally the ones we have been waiting for.

Knowing this changes everything.

This may be something that doesn’t resonate with you and that is okay. But if you feel a spark of lightness in my journey, I would like to invite you on the grandest of grand adventures.

Would you like to come alive with me?


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