“Wise Woman of the Woods: Guard it wisely”


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a beautiful country nestled between the oceans, abundant with life, health and prosperity. It was a rich country, one that supported all the people who lived there.

It was governed, not by a King, but by representatives of the people. Or so it seemed. It’s guiding principles were freedom, liberty and justice for all. Or so it seemed.

For there was a powerful force also present, one that worked behind the scenes. This force worked in the shadows, using a variety of means to milk the people of this country of their energy to increase their own power and wealth.

In the beginning, this dark force stayed in the shadows undetected. They worked both sides of every divide, stimulating any injustice to add the fuel to increase their energetic harvest. But their quest for power and wealth soon over-rode their desire for secrecy and the effects of their manipulations became more and more apparent.

At first there were just small arguments, but over time they got bigger.  This unseen force took control of the people’s very consciousness and planted triggers and traps, the effects of which divided marriages, families, and the country. There were incidents of violence, clashes everywhere, most of which were fueled by the dark forces. The people were left shell-shocked, powerless and divided.

There was a young woman in this country who watched the spread of this dark force through her beloved country. She tried everything in her power to stop it, to alert her friends, to engage in activism, but to little consequence. One day after a particularly violent altercation, she was so despondent she decided to pay a visit to the Wise Woman of the Woods. This Wise Woman was known for her wisdom, but only shared it with the true seeker, one who could hear and use what she had to say.

The Wise Woman looked deep into her eyes and saw the glimmer of her Soul in the background. She felt the beating of her heart and felt it in sync with the heart-beat of Mother Earth. She looked for the fire within and felt its fire still faintly burning. She told the young woman, “Dear One, all is not lost”.

The Wise Woman told the young woman to close her eyes and focus on the eternal fire inside her heart. She said to feel the love, joy, and compassion that fuels those flames and know this is your deep and ancient connection to the Mother of all life, Earth. Then she said to shift her focus to her mind and feel the flow of her Soul connection from your deep and ancient connection to the Cosmic Father, your eternal Father.

The young woman began to feel the energy flow within her again. She could feel the subtle flows from Mother and Father and knew that she was deeply loved. She felt stronger, more alive and more connected.

The Wise Woman told her “Dear One, this is your hidden secret, the Source of your love, wisdom and power. You may think this is about who wins governance of your country, but it is really about who wins governance over your consciousness. Guard it wisely.”


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