And just like that it is over. Or at least this part of this phase of it.

We have all experienced a personal and collective shock to our bodily systems. Now would be a great time to take a break and nurture ourselves.

What is it that nurtures you? Is it a hike in nature? A hot bath with bubbles? Getting a drink with friends (with or without masks)? Working on the yard or car? Getting a massage? Cooking something special? Volunteering at your favorite charity? Whatever it is, give yourself permission to indulge and replenish yourself. You deserve it.

Do you have friends who are not as close due to their political beliefs? Now would be a good time to get together. You don’t have to talk politics, to gloat or fume, just remember the bond you used to share and make the intention to rekindle it.

If you do decide to talk politics, give yourself permission to be curious. Since the election is over and the emotions are (hopefully) diffused, now would be a great time to investigate why they believe they way they do. We all either a). think we completely understand or b). can’t even begin to understand where another is coming from. Neither is correct.

Make the intention to let go of any triggers you may have that might derail you and work with your best communication skills until you feel you have complete understanding. Once you feel you understand, take the extra step to practice acceptance of this special person and the hopes and fears they carry. You may find this to be an important part of your own personal healing. For what you accept in others, you can accept in yourself.

Remember that each of us carry our own unique blend of fears and our own unique mastery of wisdom. We don’t have the same answers and we don’t have the same fears. We each have shortfalls that are easily seen in others, yet invisible within ourselves. Most importantly, we all learn from those who challenge us the most.

Let us not overlook the gift of these times.


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