An Open Letter


“A perspective is only dangerous if it is truth”

Information From Beyond

May 5th, 2020

An Open Letter to All:

This letter is in regards to some of the issues regarding COVID-19 and their long-term implications on humanity, our economy and our current and future sovereignty. While I would prefer a communication that I know will be received through balance and logic, I know I am headed into heavily propagandized territory and therefore will stir up some emotions. I mention this because sometimes when we know what to look out for, we can manage it easier.

May this letter be written and received in the space of curiosity, compassion and a far-reaching vision for the highest Good of All.

About five years ago, I spent two years of full, volunteer-time to gather signatures for Initiative 735: Get Big Money out of Elections. Within those two years I talked to tens of thousands of people and gathered 10,000 signatures. It was an absolute act of love on my part and the part of all of the amazing people I worked. Together we collected enough signatures to get it on the ballot and this Initiative passed in Washington State.

On the surface you would think that Getting Big Money out of Elections would be something that is a concern for all voters, but at the time the Republicans were getting propagandized to reject it. Mitt Romney had famously said that ‘Corporations are people, my friend’ and that comment plus other propagandized efforts were enough for conservatives to reject this effort totally. Now that the propaganda machine has moved on, I have had several conservative friends tell me that they now can see why this issue was so important to me.

My next political action was on the issue of vaccine safety. On the surface you would think that vaccine safety would be a concern for everyone, but at the time Democrats were getting propagandized to attack those that question Big-Pharma.  In my naivety, I thought those that worked against the efforts of Big-Money could easily see what Big Money does when it has it. I showed the money spent on lobbyists, news media, advertising media, doctor’s compensation and medical schools to form and shape public opinion, but its influence was just too powerful. Ultimately the propaganda machine won the legislation, but more importantly it asserted its power and control over an entire segment of people.

Now you may be thinking that in either or both of these issues that the propaganda was actually different from my conclusion. You may be thinking that you couldn’t possibly be subject to propaganda, or that in this case the propaganda just happens to be on the side of truth, or that the propaganda is obviously only at work with the people who disagree with your viewpoint.

So, let me be clear. Propaganda is ALWAYS on the side of Big-Money which is also known as the ¼ of 1%, the Cabal, the Wealthy Elite, or the Deep State. Big-Money is global and non-partisan. The reason propaganda is always on the side of Big Money is that it takes Big Money to buy politicians, media, science and political division, and this is what needs to be done to further accomplish their goals. And let me emphasize, they do have a plan, they have always had a plan and we are the pawns in that plan.

The good guys, the people speaking up for humanity are ALWAYS those that challenge the official narrative. They are the whistle-blowers who have nothing to gain and everything to lose, but they speak up anyway. They are the ones who have been threatened, killed or jailed; they are the ones who lose their jobs, or are publicly and unmercifully attacked for their views. They are the challenge to the ‘official narrative’, they are the ones being censored and the full use and power of propaganda is the first line of Big-Money defense.

You may think that while our society is messy, everyone (including Big-Money) is doing their very best for the good of humanity. You may think that occasionally mistakes happen and people get poisoned or killed or our environment suffers harm. But we learn from these mistakes and hopefully create legislation to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In my humble opinion, this viewpoint is supremely dangerous as it does not demand responsibility, it simply gives Big Money the green light to continue to ‘make mistakes’. We deserve better.

It might be the single most important use of anyone’s time to try to piece together the purpose behind the propaganda and a glimpse of the plan that drives global, non-partisan Big Money. This is something liberals have resisted, but the conservatives know a lot about and would love to share. Indeed, if you are at all concerned about the conservative Covid-19 lock-down protests, the single most important thing every liberal can do is start asking questions and genuinely listen to the answer.

You will most likely fight this first attempt at a new perspective and go back to the safety of your original perspective. That is okay, I’m pretty sure all of us did as well. But keep at it. You may learn something that keeps nagging at you until you do some research. Then one thing leads to another thing, which ties into another thing and you are left dumb-founded. At least that is how I have experienced my paradigm shifts.

Let us acknowledge the pursuit of curiosity and asking questions outside of propaganda in and of itself could help to unite the political factions in our own community and could also diffuse potential future escalations of activism. These are both extremely worthy results, well worth overcoming our own resistance to new perspectives and viewpoints.  

It might also be worth some focused time to piece together a community response to the first wave of known and obvious challenges we will face in our community. These challenges will be experienced economically and the solutions are something liberals know a lot about and would love to implement. Community gardens, worker owned cooperatives, farm to table supply chains, community banks, are wonderfully supportive solutions. The beauty of this effort is that it will achieve tangible results for our entire community regardless of if you think the virus and Big-Money response is a random occurrence or if you think it is all part of the plan.

The reason Big Money was able to obtain so much power is that they ‘know how to activate the animal, drug the addict, divide, isolate and desensitize our communities’. They know how to ‘pull the wires that control the public mind’. They know how to ‘keep us fighting so we don’t see their control and manipulation’. What we need to do to dismantle this power is to UNITE and have important political conversations, to work together to SEE THROUGH the propaganda and manipulations and to BAND THE 99% TOGETHER with our common cause grounded in TRUTH.

I don’t know about you, but that is a vision that I think is worth working for!

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining a Zoom Room connecting-the-dots conversation.

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