As the whole world has become a stage in one big crazy play, we have all become narrators of what we are seeing. Did you see this? Have you thought that? Did you know about this? Even these conversations are usually within the safe construct of those who think the same way we do with (usually) the same blind spots.

It would be amazingly spectacular if we all could be open to what others are trying to tell us. If we could lay down our beliefs and judgments and pick up curiosity, this in itself could easily change our world. As we give ourselves this permission, we would begin to unite the gaps we have created between ourselves and see old things in a different light. The beauty of this approach is that it does not require anyone else to see or understand any differently. It just requires us.

What might be at the top of the blind spot list? For me, it is that we, as human beings are more powerful than we know. That we already have everything we need right inside of us. We can not only create energetic protection from viruses; we can also positively affect our own personal health and vitality. It is not something that requires the right politician or legislation. It is not something that requires anything outside of our own curiosity and desire.

There are many pathways to ignite the true and full essence of our power. One that I am offering, along with my friend, Stephanie Elaine Golden-Falcon, is a varied and powerful multi-step process. It begins with the understanding of ourselves as electro-magnetic beings; it flows into a practice of creating new neuro pathways in the brain and the experience of using our power to transform our inner and outer world; then it rests in a meditation that is grounded in our own sacred space.

The proof is not in the concept. The proof is in the experience. Those who already participate routinely experience its power, I would like to invite you to experience it as well.

We meet Sunday (that is right, tonight!), Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:00 pm. This is held over the Internet in a Zoom Room. Here is the link to follow, to download and enter the room. The only real trick is to make sure you enter with computer audio and turn on your video.

Join Zoom Meeting


The following video is a great video, by Dr. Joe Dispenza, about the virus and the power of our brain, mind and quantum field.  I hope this inspires you on this beautiful day!

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