A Thoughtful Discussion of the Coronavirus


I believe there is a cycle of reaching wisdom that once understood can be beneficial in moving through challenges such as these. It begins with (1) ignorance. When I was a stockbroker, for most of the time I was ignorant of the way our financial markets actually worked. It wasn’t until I (2) gave myself permission to overcome my personal beliefs and read research and opinions that were outside of my firm’s propaganda, that I could even see a completely different framework. This resulted in a (3) total paradigm shift in terms of what I believed about our nation, our economy, and my role as a broker. This information was totally mind boggling to me, but I (4) used my voice to speak up and got all my clients out of the market avoiding the 08-09 stock market crash. My conclusion, as a result of this experience is that we are all pawns in a bigger game that we don’t see.

One of the biggest challenges we face today in regard to the Coronavirus is that we are all ignorant. We may think we understand what is happening, but we will only experience the truth in the passing of time. There are some clear clues as to where this is headed, but a full understanding may require giving ourselves permission to overcome personal beliefs. Because what is a belief but an intentional act to restrict the flow of information that is considered?

For what forms our belief is absolutely a function of what media we pay attention to and their use of the elements of propaganda. Our beliefs are absolutely swayed by the opinions of our friends, what they approve of and what they think is stupid. We also need to be clearly aware of our own personal characteristics. Are we someone who is generally ahead of the pack? In the middle? Or lagging?

At the same time, we need to be clearly aware that we live in a world where technology is actively used as a unseen tool of the powers that be. Many times, what they use it for is simply not to our preference and sometimes it is an outright censorship of important and meaningful dialog.

With these factors in mind, let’s review some of the events, thoughts and theories that have been flying around in regards to this virus.

  • A pandemic simulation was held in the fall.
  • The Coronavirus is identified and Bill Gates comes out to say that 33 million people could be wiped out in this one.
  • Horrible videos surface directly from Wuhan. Videos of people convulsing and dying abruptly at work or in the supermarket.
  • Chinese people share videos and personal stories that claim the death rate is higher than officially reported. Then they go missing.
  • Then there is the tie in to the fact that the Chinese people received a mandatory vaccine on December 1st, which is the day patient zero was discovered.
  • There is the theory that the mandatory vaccine may have had some characteristics that make the subsequent exposure to the virus deadly.
  • There is a theory that it is a bio-weapon. Is it from the United States? Russia? China?
  • Then we have the tie in to the Harvard professor who was working for the Chinese government.
  • There is the theory about the 5G involvement and the additional potential for the use of silent weapons.
  • Another theory about the involvement of nanotechnology, nanobots and artificial intelligence.
  • Then comes the speculation that it is all a big hoax.
  • Then comes the theory that it is simply a bad respiratory cold.
  • At first there was the wave of Facebook posts about the virus, and now a wave of Facebook posts to stop the fear mongering.

Honestly, I may have forgotten some important factors, but you get the point. There is no one who can accurately say they know what is really going on. In the meantime, we are still the ignorant pawns. We need to use the best of all of our curiosity and investigative abilities to ferret out what is really happening, share with each other and work together to overcome this.

You may believe that this virus is an unfortunate random happening and that we should trust in our authorities to do the very best in light of this situation. You may trust that whatever they bring forth will be in the best interests of humanity as a whole. If this is your stance, I would encourage you to give yourself permission to investigate what ‘the other side’ is saying. Perhaps a good place to start is my previous article entitled ‘The Real Time Dismantling of the Vaccine Safety Lie’.

You may not have believed it, you may not have wanted to go there, but if you choose, you will find interesting commentary from the top doctors in the world, at the World Health Organization 2019 Vaccine Conference. They are posing questions and expressing concerns that we don’t have robust vaccines studies, structures and basic understandings. Exactly what vaccine safety advocates have been demanding to change for years! I ask you to do your best to be curious and to do your own research about what ‘the other side’ is saying. This is a prime opportunity for a paradigm shift.

If you have been a Vaccine Safety Advocate, you probably already know where this media frenzy is trying to take us. This is what you have been ardently trying to tell your friends and neighbors for the last couple of years. Or more. Perhaps now, finally, it can be heard. I will do my best to articulate the steps they have taken and the steps they have yet to take.


  1. They establish chemically induced health care and vaccines and in doing so, subvert the body’s natural system of immunity.
  2. They acquire immunity from lawsuits in 1986, effectively dismantling the process of legal discovery and personal injury lawsuits.
  3. They establish a robust method of propaganda through their expensive commitment to media advertising. Propaganda works through repetition, through the creation of emotional trigger words so we don’t question anymore (anti-vaxxers), framework (it is always Vaxxers vs Anti-Vaxxers, never We the People keeping Big Pharma accountable), through the dissemination of research (which, as the WHO recently admitted is lacking in many respects), and the use of credible experts (which always parrot Big Pharma talking points).
  4. They are one of the largest industries lobbying Congress and all politicians.
  5. They provide almost half of the budget to the FDA and CDC and both of these agencies (and scientists) receive royalties on vaccines. This makes impartiality in regards to vaccines laughable.
  6. Within the last three years they have been intentionally sponsoring legislation through many of the states removing the right of parents to opt out of childhood vaccines for personal or religious reasons.
  7. They make the most of recent measles outbreaks through their friends at the media trying to inflame the element of fear and to forward their agenda of removing exemptions.


  1. On one front, they are currently working on a vaccine for the Coronavirus which they will try to make mandatory.
  2. Another active front is the legislation to remove the right to opt out of vaccines, either through legislation or the voice of public opinion. Once this is accomplished, they make ‘Healthy People 2020’ vaccine schedule mandatory for adults as well. Argentina has made their vaccines mandatory requiring proof of vaccination to obtain a Driver’s License.
  3. Let’s just pause for a moment and acknowledge that at last count there are over 270 vaccines in the development pipeline.

Perhaps you are happy to roll up your sleeve, if that is the case, I support your right to have that choice. If the vaccine works, it would protect you from getting sick from me or anyone else. But as one who supports my body’s ability to heal, I am not in favor of Big Pharma’s chemically induced immunity, I prefer my body’s natural immunity. And I believe, in our country, everyone should have the right to decide. Have we already forgotten the important lessons that led to the Nuremburg Code of Informed Consent?

And let’s circle back around to how we engage in challenges. I believe there is important wisdom to be found in preparing for the worst, creating the best and trying to stay in neutrality. I find, as I take proactive steps, it removes the fear and I am free to create the best solution. Once you try this wisdom, you may find it isn’t a straight line, it is a spiral. You make find yourself circling back around from a new level until you reach equilibrium.

Personally, I have prepared for the worst by having extra food. For me it is an act of sovereignty, not fear, borne of the choice to not be a pawn in whatever game they are playing.

I create the best by using the power of my intentions and energy to create the world I choose by using the prayer/commands of SEDA. Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow.  Three times a week I do this in a group on Zoom Room. The link is on my website if you wish to join us.

Lastly, I cultivate my neutrality by having complete trust and faith in the wisdom and the process of the Universe. And I let go.

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