It’s time to have the ‘Sex Talk’

Since we are adults, it is a much more productive time to have a meaningful conversation about sex than it was when we ‘had the talk’ from our parents and/or the mandatory course in school. What makes it meaningful is that we are all now experts of our own sexual experience. But we may still have challenges in this conversation for several really big reasons.

For one, sex is not generally considered a topic of polite conversation. Many of us have suffered sexual abuse, (1:9 females and 1:53 males under the age of 18) and carry unresolved traumas which make meaningful conversations about sex full of emotional triggers.

In addition, our culture has tied sex to one of the hottest political triggers in our country… abortion. This adds an additional complex layer of discussion about rights, independence, freedom vs. the morality of killing an unborn child. Then there is the additional discussion about the most effective prevention to an abortion; abstinence or education and contraception.

We also suffer from a growing trend in pedophilia which has ties everywhere from the dark and seedy to the most trusted and revered.

Finally, we can’t forget the complexities and emotional triggers of our beliefs and judgments. Our mind holds tremendous power in what it allows us to see or accept according to our beliefs. It is also brilliant at creating a fight back effect for anything that doesn’t fit its pre-conceived notions. So, we have the additional challenge of laying down our beliefs and judgments so we can be curious enough to learn something new.

Even though the discussion about sex could be a challenging one, we need to talk about sex in our country, but not for any of the reasons I have outlined above. Let me provide a brief outline of mass manipulation and how normalizing sex for a young child should be a concern to us all. I will do my best to keep this short enough that it will be read and complete enough that it will be received.

First, I think we need to acknowledge that there is an active force that manipulates the minds and actions of people in our country. It works behind the scenes, beyond our vision, experience and conscious awareness, but it acts as an effective designer, maybe even the most effective designer of social desires and trends. There are at least two important components of this force.

First, we have the intentional effort of mass propaganda started in the early 1900s which is an extremely effective means to both sell products and to control public discourse. Edward Bernays is famous for creating the formula that is still in use today.

Then we have the CIA’s program of MK Ultra which was created in the 1950’s to explore individual and mass mind control. They used torture, sexual abuse, positive and negative reinforcement on very young children. The methods they used were atrocious but they discovered that if a restrained child under the age of seven had a sexual trauma, they were highly likely to develop a multiple personality. That personality could then be controlled by hypnosis and made to do whatever was needed including to perform and tolerate sexual acts.

MK Ultra also explored the realm of mind control through drugs and music. There are some that say it was the CIA who was responsible for the mass distribution of LSD and the creation of many of the most popular rock n’ roll bands of the 1960s. These people believe that the culture of the 60’s was a big experiment in mind control. One of the quotes I have collected “They think they are rebelling but with every dance step, they are binding the chains of industrialization around them”

The bottom line here is that our country has an extensive, dark, and mostly invisible history with individual and mass mind control.

The goal is generally obedience, resignation and submission, and there are multiple steps to achieve this. The one that is pertinent to this discussion is the active attempt to feed our lower animal selves by stimulating the survival and sexuality centers. This is done through brain entrainment, subliminal programming and mind control.

“As long as they can hold us in our ego centers, they can be assured of their long-standing reign. They know how to activate the animal, to drug the addict, to divide and isolate, to desensitize community awareness, to create a nationalistic frenzy and false loyalties to super heroes”

From the book “Project MK Ultra and Mind Control”

Did you know there are sexual subliminals in children’s cartoons and movies? Have you wondered why we have so many violent movies and video games? Do ever wonder who put them there and for what purpose? This is why! To keep the brain subconsciously entrained to stay in its lower animal self!

Very shortly the Washington State Legislature will be deciding upon a bill regarding Comprehensive Sex Education for our school children. This education begins in Kindergarten and is repeated throughout the years.

Through my personal filter, there are redeeming factors in the Bill because yes, there are opportunities for parents to opt out. Yes, it teaches both abstinence and birth control. Yes, it teaches that there must be mutual consent. And yes, it claims to have age appropriate lessons.

I suppose part of the challenge is what is deemed as age appropriate is different for every adult. Because we are subject to our personal beliefs here as well. For example, if we personally feel the material is inappropriate for Kindergarteners or 3rd graders, are we subject to the fear of being judged as a prude? Or do we succumb to the opinions of the ‘experts’? We need to be cognizant of both of those issues because each of those are components of basic propaganda.

For example, would you have imagined the Kindergarten lesson to include a Powerpoint Presentation on the body and post it notes labeled with the body parts of: penis, vulva, nipples, anus, shoulder, foot and belly button?

And what about those three young girls in the class of 27 who are currently being sexually abused? Will these lessons empower them to speak up or add the element of normalization to their experience?

We already know that we are subject to mass manipulation. We already know that part of the objective is to keep us in our lower animal sexual center. We already know that cartoons hold sexual subliminals. We already know that MK Ultra was successful with hypnosis on young girls to ‘perform and tolerate sexual acts’.

Does the combination of super early and explicit sex education and sexually subliminal cartoons produce children who are more willing to engage in sexual abuse? Does this put us unknowingly one step closer to subconsciously entraining our children to be more subconsciously entrained adults?

May we be mindful of all of the implications and consequences of our actions.

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