The Year of the Comeback! Coming to balance with Super Bowl Sunday half time show

Since I have been a political activist on both sides of the political aisle, I have Facebook friends that encompass and express thoughts that fill the complete spectrum of the range of political and cultural thinking. While I am an observer and participant in our human experience as well, at the same time I am also aware of the role of energy or the Quantum Field and actively engage in prayer and meditation to bring about change.

So, it is of immense curiosity and interest that I observe the uproar from one side of friends and the bewilderment from the other side of friends after the 2020 Super Bowl half-time show. It is a classic case of duality of experience and perception that is a timely example of an experience that we can use to critically think about what is required to come to balance with this experience.

On one spectrum, I have Facebook friends who enjoyed the music, the production and appreciated the whole Latino flavor. This could certainly be one’s authentic experience. On the other spectrum, I have Facebook friends who are outraged about the imagery (sexuality, symbolism, children in cages, poses of the dancers) and feel it is the work of darkness. From this perspective, this could certainly be one’s authentic experience as well. What we all need to seriously consider is that they both could be true.

For we can’t forget we live on a planet of duality. We are electromagnetic beings on a beautiful planet with magnetic poles in the north and south. Our days are separated by light and dark, we are separated by male and female, even our brains are separated into distinct lobes. You could even go as far to say that each of us encompasses both light as well as darkness. I don’t think I would find much disagreement to state that much of our time and energy is spent in coming to balance in our relationship with these opposites.

So how do we come to balance in this particular instance?

If you don’t understand what the concern is, perhaps it would be wise to investigate. Look into the work of MK Ultra, MK Ultra in Hollywood and media, mind control and the powerful use of dark subliminal messaging in music. Be mindful of the role of confirmation bias in that we only see, acknowledge and remember facts that we already believe. Research with the intention of learning something new.

Before you are tempted to be triggered and dismiss these concerns too quickly, investigate the concept of weaponized anthropology in music. It isn’t hard to imagine when in a loud concert with a large group of people, everyone’s heart rate and brain waves become synchronized. What might be new information is how easy that makes it for the subconscious transmission and encoding of behavioral codes. Indeed, this MK Ultra technology has already been used in our country and produced the desired results.

If you are aware of these concerns, and trying to communicate them to others without success, perhaps it would be wise to take a step back. Do what you can do to educate and legislate until you aren’t productive anymore. Then take some lessons from the playground teeter totter.  For as long as we are divided into opposite sides on any issue, the teeter totter will keep going up and down at a fast and furious pace with no resolution.  Because of our planet’s duality, the mere existence of a strongly held position reinforces the experience of its opposite.

I believe the solution lies in becoming aware of all perspectives, taking every possible necessary action, then moving to the center of the teeter totter with the understanding that duality is the reality of our world. To intentionally move into the fulcrum requires an understanding of both light and darkness and the desire to hold the balance in peace and sovereignty. Perhaps it is the ‘new level of understanding’ we are missing.

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