With high concern over recent geo-political news, there are many who feel powerless with good reason. In my humble opinion, it is times like these that we need to remember the power of collective and focused prayer and meditation. It may just be the new level of consciousness needed for this level of problem. (twist on Einstein quote intended).

If you don’t pray or meditate, it may seem like a waste of time, but let me ask you this. Would you consider a 23% reversal in the violent crime trend during a two month meditation project a waste of time?

An experiment in Washington DC, led by John Hagelin, a renowned quantum physicist, was designed to show how simple and easy it is to use meditation to reduce crime and social stress. The study used a large group of Transcendental Meditators over a two month period of time between June 7th and July 30th, 1993.

The experiment was to use only meditation without any verbal, social, political or physical interaction between the meditators and the local community. The planned positive impact would come directly from the field of consciousness.

Based on previous experience, the researchers predicted in advance that the TM-Sidha group would reduce crime by over 20% in the city during the study period. At the time the local police authority ridiculed this prediction.

The police were well used to crime rising year over year especially during the summer months as the weather got hotter and the days longer. The police chief actually went on record to assert that the only event that would reduce crime that much in Washington DC during the summer months would be 20 inches of snow.

The project started with 800 TM-Sidhas, and grew to 4000 by the end of the two month period. The maximum impact was an unprecedented drop in HRA crime of 23.3%. This maximum effect occurred when the size of the group was at its largest in the final phase of the project and the HRA crime began to increase again at the end of the project.

The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002).

The full article is available here:  http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/washington_crime_prevention_full_article.html

For the last couple of months, there have been a handful of us who meet over the Internet every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday to pray and meditate together. We are using the power of focused prayer and meditation to dismantle the part of our world that isn’t compatible with human life and to bring forth a new paradigm using the commands of Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow. (S.E.D.A)

These commands were ‘given’ to me last May and I have proven their effectiveness both on an individual as well as group situational basis.  I use it while driving, I use it while hiking, I use it when something ‘tweaks’ me. I have put it to a song and sing it as well.

A timely example of SEDA, if you are so inclined, is as follows:

Dear God:

As Sovereign Beings, within personal, planetary and Universal balance we call for the following to be implemented with the highest wisdom:

Stop! = War with Iran.

Expose = All of it.

Dismantle = That which is not in balance with the Divinity of life.

Allow = A new paradigm to emerge for life on this planet with the highest use of love, wisdom, power and Nature for the highest good of all.

And we pray:

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow

Take a deep and activating breath to send the prayer out.

I have created almost 40 of these mini prayers that encompass every facet of life that needs dismantled and a new paradigm allowed. This is what we seed into the field of consciousness every Sunday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 Pacific Time. If you would like to join us, Here is the link:

Join Zoom Meeting


+14086380968,,553737864# US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 553 737 864

We are only powerless if we don’t use our power!

2 thoughts on “WE ARE NOT POWERLESS!!

  1. Beautiful prayer.  Will pray!  I’ve been.posting this link all day.  But haven’t prayed. Ty. :)https://youtu.be/GtlweJVYMn8Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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