2020 Year of the Comeback: New paradigm for health


A new decade can bring about many new things and one I think can we all agree is that we desperately need a new paradigm for healthcare on our planet. Or maybe we just need to remember an old system that was discarded.

For it wasn’t that long ago in our history, that we or our ancestors had gardens. They were organic, but they weren’t called organic because there was no need. They were full of a variety of heirloom plants but again, no one thought of them that way.

But along came commercial farming and grocery stores and we gave up our gardens for the convenience of buying our produce. Then along came convenience food and we gave up our produce for the convenience of opening a can or a box. Then along came microwaves and we gave up the molecular structure of our food for the convenience of having it fast.

It also wasn’t long ago in our history that we relied on our body’s natural immunity and its ability to heal itself.  Healthcare practices were supportive of the body’s natural ability to regain health and allowed the time and beneficial support for that to happen. But along came the pharmaceutical industry and we gave up our body’s natural immunity for the lure of the perception that chemically based science would produce better results than our body’s natural immunity. We gave up belief and practice of our body’s natural immunity for the lure of a quick fix despite the side effects, complications and on-going expensive need for pharmaceutical drugs.

It wasn’t that long ago in our history that our air, land and water were pristine and brimming with all the micro-organisms that create and sustain health and vitality in plants, animals and humans. But along came industry and the addition of its toxicity, pollutants and garbage to our air, land and water. We gave up the protection of our environment for the convenience of whatever was being produced.

As a result of just these three factors, we live in a world where our food is Genetically Modified, laced with herbicides and pesticides and irradiated. Our healthcare system uses pharmaceuticals to replace our body’s natural immunity and creates dependence upon its expensive and non-sustainable solutions. Our industry produces products or services while continuing to spew toxins into and around our planet. Our health and our bodies suffer for this.

But this is a new decade, with a new opportunity to begin again and show up in a new way. We are calling for a new paradigm and with that come new ways of showing up in the world. One of the ways I am showing up in my world is by actively engaging in the detoxification of my body.

According to Anthony William in Medical Medium, toxicity is one of the major causes of disease. And according to my earlier prophecy, our livers especially need to release toxicity. This is now the second time I have done the nine day Liver Detoxification as outlined in Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue. I was worried I would be hungry, worried that I would be stuck in the bathroom while detoxing, worried I would be fatigued, but none of that has happened.

What has happened is that I have a new appreciation and understanding for the outstanding health benefits of Nature’s common foods. I have a new respect for my body’s ability to heal. And I have a new respect for just how much healthy and good food I can eat!

There are many people who share pictures of themselves in moments of their finest accomplishment. Like just finishing a marathon, or climbing a mountain. But I am anticipating my moment of fine accomplishment three days from now when I will have consumed ALL THE FOOD IN THIS PICTURE!! Yes! You should be impressed!

But not just impressed with all the food I will be consuming, but impressed with how simple, accessible, affordable, effective and liberating a new healthcare regime can be!!

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