Mother Nature Christmas Tree!

I regularly hike in the woods and in early December I noticed this tree that someone had de-limbed and was just laying in the woods. The memory of this tree stuck with me it was so out of place in the middle of the untouched woods. There had recently been a storm and as I walked I also noticed all the tree branches lying on the ground. And I had one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments!

I carried the tree to the trail head and began to collect all the broken tree limbs to take home as well. I drilled different sized holes all the way up the tree and assembled my Christmas tree. It took several trips to the woods to gather enough branches to fill all the right requirements and with the addition of moss and fungus and pine cones, viola! I have my 2019 Christmas tree!!

It was such a fun, creative, and satisfying project, I am going to keep my tree trunk for next year as well. During the summer, I plan to keep my eye open for wild weeds I can dry and make more ‘Nature’ ornaments.

I do realize this is posted after Christmas, but it is BEFORE all the trees are thrown away for the season… in case you are so inspired!

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