Note from Stacy: Okay, so maybe I was a bit ambitious to promise an email a day. Especially when my internet doesn’t work every day… So I will post when I can.

One of the first things to overcome before making any change is the concern ‘why even try if I am the only one?’ There seems to be a palpable energy of doing nothing, of waiting for someone else, a critical mass, or unavoidable peer pressure to arrive before making meaningful change. From what I have learned, this is part of the mass hypnosis that needs to be overcome.

Because let’s think about the power of one person for a minute. First of all, every positive change starts with one person. That person inspires another and then another and pretty soon there is a meaningful movement. Clearly, if that person would have done nothing, that movement would not have happened.

In addition, whether or not a movement was started, there was a meaningful change in the life of the person who made the change. Whatever the change was, took some research, courage and perseverance to implement. And that experience led to another experience, which led to another opportunity and now that person is completely different, more empowered and more in command of his/her life. Isn’t that what we all want?

You are the only one in your life that can make positive change. If it isn’t you, who?

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