Day One – Infinite Possibilities

Today IS the first day of the rest of your life. Literally. Within today lies millions of ‘Now’ moments that hold infinite possibilities for an infinite number of outcomes. You could think something new, notice new or you could do something completely outrageous and unexpected which would take you someplace new.

Or… you could repeat many of your same thoughts, habits and actions which lead to a known number of possible outcomes. The choice as always is yours.

Within our brain lie neural pathways that fire and connect in response to stimuli. The more courageous and curious we are in our thinking, the more intricate pathways are formed which lead to more possibilities. Conversely, the more habitual we are in our thinking leads to a stronger reinforcement of those thoughts, a firmness of beliefs and a reduction in possibilities. Like a dirt road carved with deep ruts it may take some strategizing to find the way out.

The truth is we are all in ruts of our own making. And as we will discover, we are also in ruts of other people’s making. One of our goals this year is to discover and identify all the ruts and chart new roads and new directions.

May we always keep ourselves open to the gift of infinite possibilities!

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