2020: The Year of the Comeback

This is the Invitation you have been waiting for!

My soul is calling and I am ready to answer. Your soul has been calling you as well, have you heard it?

My soul has been yearning for a better world and this world, I believe, is finally within our grasp.

The world I yearn for would truly work for humanity, not just the wealthy elite. This world would respect and honor our Planet and all living beings. All who live on this world would work together with the Planet and share in her true abundance. Our diversity as well as our inter-dependence with all living beings would be celebrated, and all would be the better for it. Our best, brightest and highest aspirations would be nurtured and used for the Highest Good of All.

I know you want this too. It is a basic principle of our human existence. But there are forces determined to challenge this existence. I’m not talking about the fabricated ones, the ones they keep front and center to keep us destracted. I’m talking about the real risk, the few and powerful elite that pull the strings that create all the chaos and negative outcomes we see implemented in our world.

They do this through a sophisticated network of lies, propaganda and subliminal programming.  They use a variety of tools at their command to hypnotize us to accept our fate. Convincing us we aren’t safe, we aren’t enough and that we have no power, they keep us distracted by playing into our lower animal energies and we take the bait every time.

We are programmed to believe we are powerless against this mighty subversive force, but nothing could be further from the truth. Think about it, there are maybe 2000 of them and 6 Billion of us on this Planet. We have Nature on our side and survival of our Planet and species as motivation. The time is critical, we both know this. We cannot wait any longer.

  • We must set aside our differences and work together,
  • We must shine a light into all aspects of their game,
  • We must connect the dots to understand how it is played.
  • We must face our fears and move through them,
  • We must be aware and overcome our lower animal energies,
  • We must reconnect to nature and heal our frequency,
  • We must harness our individual and collective power,
  • We must unite and say ‘NO!’ to their plan of harm and destruction.
  • We must remain balanced through all our efforts.

And by the way, in the process, we will remember the truth of who we are and what sustains us. We will remember our power, our unity, our wisdom, health and vitality. Seriously, what do we have to lose?

I PLEDGE, no longer will I be a passive observer while our bodies, minds and Planet are being poisoned, hypnotized and programmed against our will. No longer will I remain quiet or ignorant to the game and how it is played, as the net of total control closes in. No longer will I accept the programming of powerlessness in the face of subversive forces seen or unseen. For I am a Sovereign Human Being and I am ready to claim my power!

Starting Winter Solstice, December 21, 2019 and continuing for 365 days, you are invited to receive free daily emails with a focus on the five most important themes we need to take our power back. They are:

Shine the light:

  • Research and educate ourselves about the game.
  • Connect the dots.
  • Train our brain to see and hear the subliminal codes.

Protect, unplug and reconnect:

  • Reduce exposure to media and technology.
  • Increase exposure to nature.
  • Simple and healthful living.

Overcoming our lower animal energies:

  • Identify what they are.
  • Identify when they are being tweaked.
  • Techniques to see and not take the bait.
  • Tools and techniques to maintain balance.

Just say no:

  • Research and educate ourselves and others.
  • Boycott products and corporations.
  • Letter writing campaigns.
  • Political lobbying campaigns.
  • Weekly zoom room meetings to plan and organize.

Stop! Expose, Dismantle, Allow:

  • Weekly zoom room meetings to energetically shift this dynamic.

As you can see, this structure is comprehensive and holds a little bit for everyone. You can be involved and proactive or as casual as you like. 

Every movement has to start somewhere, why NOT you and me? Even if it’s JUST you and me! It has to start somewhere and I for one am not waiting any longer. We are ready and the world is waiting. Let’s make 2020: The Year of the Comeback!

Go to www.InformationFromBeyond.com and scroll down to the bottom to sign up for your free daily email.

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