You May Have Concerns…

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of concerns, these are some that I am well aware I may be pushing against and so I would like to address them the very best I can.

But before we get to the concerns, I feel it important to address the whole concept of beliefs and how they restrict our thought process. Because what is a belief but an intentional choice to restrict the flow of information to only information that is in alignment with that belief? 

This obviously puts a limit on the flow of available information that might have been instrumental for new and transcendent thought.

I would be more inclined to let go of beliefs and replace them with an active system of research, consideration from all sides, challenging from all sides, testing the idea, and experimentation. Because it is too easy to adopt a belief without any of these steps and it remains nothing but an untested concept. But if you go through an active system of investigation, testing and experimentation, the end result is your personal experience. Nothing is stronger than that and no one can take it from you.

So let me dive into some of the beliefs I may be pushing against:

There is a common belief among Spiritual seekers that by engaging in the darkness or negativity we are giving it life.  That our thoughts, words and actions create our own reality and if we can just not think, speak or act in the negative, our world would be more peaceful. I have a couple of brief comments for this. First of all I agree that we create our own reality, but I also look out at the reality we have created and cannot simply ignore it. If you drink water, breathe air, eat food, and work, while living on this planet, you can’t help but be affected by the reality we have already created. Therefore, I believe we must face it, transmute it and work for a better future.

Another facet to the thinking that we need to stay in the positive and stay in the light, does not acknowledge the fact that we live on a planet between two electromagnetic poles. This creates a world of polarity where total opposites are attracted or repelled by each other. So we can certainly choose to stay in the positive and stay in the light, but this means that there is darkness that must exist to offset our energy. It seems logical that a better intent would be to stay in balance and work to heal the polarization rather than intensify it.

And we can’t deny there is a gift in polarity. I am fully aware that I have been writing about spiritual topics for at least 20 years. It wasn’t until this prophecy that I decided it was time to go public and share it. The pure enjoyment of discussing spiritual topics was not enough to entice me to go public. But the threat and fear of harm was what it took for me to summon the courage to speak out. Which begs the question: Is a threat or fear good or bad if it inspires one to act? Maybe it is simply part of its function.

And then there is the concern about dealing with the occult, the world of the supernatural that cannot be seen or heard. And this is a very reasonable concern. Because we are totally and completely influenced by things that we can’t see or hear in every facet of our lives. Almost everything we encounter outside of nature has influences that are beneath the surface. We can’t avoid these influences, but we can be a student of them and remove their power over us.

To be clear, I am not psychic. I do not get downloads of communication that I blindly accept as truth. I live my life and I bumble along and frequently happen to find myself in the right place at the right time. Some of the time I get “Information From Beyond” that helps me but most of the time I have to gut it out myself. When I do get messages, I put them through a rather vigorous personal challenge and try to prove it in today’s world, as you will see in the writings to follow.

Additionally, many people get messages from beyond. Are we to automatically assume they are all bad, or is there a chance that Spirit is talking too? If Spirit is talking, wouldn’t we want to listen? And wouldn’t it be beneficial to have that opportunity but work to test it, prove it, and challenge it until it becomes a part of our human experience?

Just some food for thought!

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