The War On Consciousness

There is a war being fought for our human consciousness. What makes this war particularly insidious is that we are losing the battle for our sub-conscious that we don’t even realize is being fought, because it is has been so well played by those who try to control us.

Think about it. Our body is literally a walking computer. It receives and transmits data in every second of every hour in every day we are alive. It doesn’t place a value judgment on anything it receives; it merely is the medium upon which data is received, stored and retrieved.

  • We willingly receive data input from newsprint, radio and television media, which heavily uses propaganda with the purpose of keeping us in the fight or flight reptilian part of our brain,
  • We willingly receive data input from music, which is possibly structured in a form that feeds our aggressive tendencies and possibly holds hidden messages as well,
  • We may receive data we aren’t even aware of in the form of mass hypnosis that is tied to triggers that we don’t even know we are carrying,
  • We willingly receive data from movies and video games, all of which has a fairly obvious outcome of normalizing fear and violence in our lives,
  • We willingly receive data from social media that is designed to create an addiction from the dopamine of collecting ‘likes’ to the outrage of another post.

In addition, while this is being done, our phone calls, emails, texts and messages are being read and our personal information is being collected. For marketing purposes or something more sinister, that is yet to be determined. We know this but ignore it as we go about our daily lives.

We are so addicted to our technology that when we don’t have enough bandwidth, we are willing to trade our health and vitality for higher and higher levels of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) so we won’t miss out. We are willing to trade the connectedness of our family right next to us for the connection of newly found friends on the other side of the world.

While we engage in all the ways we can engage with media and technology, our brains are being entrained for addiction, separation, sickness and violence. Can you honestly say you don’t know this?

We ALL suffer because of this.

Now let’s contrast this with the consciousness we are losing, our connection to Mother Nature. Which by the way is our heritage; it is the truth of who we are…

  • Hanging out in Nature is healing, it can help untangle and dismantle our subversively implanted sub-conscious,
  • It has magnificent beauty, and communicates on the highest level possible with no ulterior motives.
  • It provides the sun that lights up our world, gardens for food to heal the body, water to cleanse the body, and the very air we depend upon for life.
  • When our brains are entrained with Nature, we are connected to life itself and can receive assistance in our daily lives.
  • When we nurture Nature, she nurtures us right back.

When we are in tune with Nature, we are attuned to the highest that is within ourselves and it shows up in our personal and family life. We are more connected, we are happier and we are healthier.

In our conscious and logical mind, it seems the logical choice, so why don’t we make Nature and our connection to it our priority? Is there a force that keeps us addicted to activities that are not for our highest good? Why can’t we break free?

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