I am Human Being! Claiming Your Power with SEDA!

Now I would like to talk about who we are as a Human Being. Do you ever stop to consider that we are THE most incredible creation on the Planet? Do you ever think about the millions of tasks a human body does each second without instruction? Of course there are many organs that achieve this together, but the governing organ is the brain.

I like to think of the brain as an amazing computer running all kinds of programs to make sure my body functions properly with health and vitality.

  • But then as we have already discussed, we are not conscious of all the programs it is running,
  • And my body is not perfectly healthy, so it must be running programs that are not for my highest health and vitality,
  • And since I know the role propaganda has played in my subconscious, I wonder who and what else has been sitting at the controls of my brain.

So I am on a mission to take back my own consciousness and create my own intentional programs. I do this by using affirmations over and over and over again until they run without me needing to reinforce them. These are just a few of mine; feel free to create your own.

  • I am a Human Being!
    • This is not something you do under your breath… This is something you sit or stand up straight, take a deep breath and say with the full force of your frequency and intention.
  • I am the Being fully in command of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
  • I use the power of my intentions to create my own programming for health and vitality.


A couple of months ago, I was yearning for a spiritual tool to assist me as I was observing what seems to be the world disintegrating. In response, I received the following commands: Stop! Expose; Dis-mantle; and Allow (SEDA).

From the very first time I used it, I had conclusive evidence that it worked. I have observed it work on me individually; I have observed it work within the construct of a group. While I have not observed it work on a national or global basis, with a critical mass, I do believe it has very strong potential.

My only caveat is that it is used within the understanding that we must hold the balance.

Within personal, planetary and Universal balance I call for the following to be implemented with ease, comfort, safety, health and vitality:

STOP! = Any programs or viruses that have been implanted in my sub-conscious that are not for my highest good

EXPOSE = The origin, intent, cause and effect

DISMANTLE = All the systems and processes that keep it in place

ALLOW = My personal sovereignty and health and vitality to flow

This process can be used by anyone at any time for any reason. Is it a prayer? Yes. Is it a program? Yes.

Using SEDA is powerful individually, but most powerful in a group. Those of us using SEDA in the Zoom Room have noticed physical detoxification symptoms as well as emotional clearing symptoms. Which in and of itself is proof that it works. After one of the sessions, one member even had a dream that exposed to her the cause of the illness she has been dealing with for five years.

It is simple, free, it works and the process of using it leads to personal empowerment! It doesn’t get much better than that!

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