The best way to update your outdoor space for garden get-togethers

When it comes to updating your garden with a new look for summer make sure you’re buying the best

Kettler garden furniture set on a sunny patio
(Image credit: Kettler/LOFA)

Transforming your outdoors into a space to enjoy right through summer has never been more important as we’re using our gardens more than ever for get-togethers. With warmer weather on the way you’ll really want to make the most of your garden as an extra space for entertaining and relaxing. 

If you want to update the look with some new garden furniture, the latest barbecue or some on-trend accessories make sure you’re buying quality pieces that meet safety standards. Now you can avoid hours of online searching (and still not finding what you want!) as help is at hand. Whether you’re looking for garden or conservatory furniture, barbecues, lighting, spas, chimineas or garden accessories, if you let LOFA help you choose you can be sure you're getting the best value for money, as well as having a great selection to choose from.

You can access 70 companies through LOFA, and their products are widely available in garden centres and specialist stores across the UK and Ireland. They also work in partnership with Planet First to reduce their carbon footprint, something we all care about.

Upgrade your garden furniture

Daro corner garden sofa on a large patio

The versatile Venice from Daro offers a modular design that makes it simple to add components to suit your outdoor space

(Image credit: Daro/LOFA)

When it comes to garden and conservatory furniture it’s often confusing as there’s a huge selection to choose from. Rattan is trending in online searches at the moment but you might be tempted by aluminium, weave, wood or recycled options. How do you find out what’s best for you? 

For stylish high-end designs combined with expert knowledge, the best value and the safest products on the market turn to LOFA. All furniture supplied by LOFA members is safe, durable and well-built without sacrificing comfort or style. The collection offers something for all budgets too.

Choose the best barbecue

Traeger BBQ on a patio

For premier outdoor cooking the Traeger Timberline WiFi pellet grill pushes the limits of what's possible in grilling technology

(Image credit: Traeger Grills/LOFA)

Who doesn’t love cooking outdoors? Getting the barbecue out signals the start of summer like nothing else. But perhaps yours is no longer up to the job so it could be time to invest in a new one. 

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just the two of you LOFA can help you find a barbecue to suit your individual grilling needs. From the latest gas, hybrid and charcoal versions to the must-have accessories to go with them, LOFA members manufacture and supply the best barbecues, so whatever you’re looking for they can help.

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