Pizza oven tables: 16 looks for a stylish outdoor setup

Cook up a storm on the best steel, wheeled, and specialist pizza oven tables around

Ooni folding table
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Looking for pizza oven tables to create an authentic Italian experience in your own backyard? This guide will help you find one that's right for you.

Setting up your cooking station requires a sturdy table with lots of surface space to work with – and you can't go wrong with pull-out drawers and side hooks for all your utensils. Storage-wise, you'll also need somewhere to put your propane tank, wood pellets or other types of fuel your pizza oven might need. Tables with in-built shelves can be really useful here. 

It's also worth considering the size of the area where the table will be placed most of the time. If your outdoor space isn't too big, why not go for a foldable pizza oven table? Many are fitted with wheels, too. Just check these wheels can be locked to properly hold your pizza oven in place – and you're good to go! 

Support your pizza oven in style with these smart pizza oven tables

An outdoor cooking area, such as a pizza oven station, makes a wonderful addition to any garden, whether it’s for casual alfresco dining or entertaining guests. 

'The good news is that it’s a really easy concept to achieve even in the smallest of outdoor spaces,' explains Grant Robertson, Interior Design Leader at Ikea

'As well as looking good, it needs to be practical, so it’s important to consider what you’ll need to make it a success.'

1. Specialist pizza oven tables

Morso pizza oven on stand with log storage

This table is the perfect base for a Morso grill, with space for storing fuel and tools

(Image credit: Morso)

While it's certainly possible to use a multitude of different surfaces, countertops and structures, many people choose to go with a specialist, purpose-built pizza oven table, as it takes out all the guesswork of finding the right fit. 

'The first thing you want to confirm is that the table can accommodate your pizza oven,' says Brian Nagele, CEO of Restaurant Clicks. He comments that having the dimensions of your oven with you before purchasing can make all the difference. 

'Your pizza oven may be portable, but if it can’t fit on your oven table, you’ll have to search for some other stand at the last minute!'

Other useful additions include racks for holding tools, space for storing logs, pull-out trays for prep, and modular designs to create a fully-functional outdoor kitchen.

'If you have the space on your patio, my advice would be to go for a pizza oven table that is big enough to include a food prep area to one side of the oven,' says Beth Murton, editor of Gardeningetc. 'It can be really useful to have your pizza topping ingredients close to hand, plus you'll appreciate having a space where you can slice up your freshly cooked pizza for guests.'

5. Steel pizza oven tables

pizza oven on stand

Metal table tops are practical and good-looking, as seen in this scene from Cox & Cox

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Stainless-steel pizza oven tables are a great choice if you're a fan of a more industrial look. Steel is also one of the most commonly used pizza oven table materials: it can resist extreme heat, is highly durable and its heaviness is even an advantage. 

With any outdoor pizza oven ideas, you can come up against inclement weather. 'If a sudden gust of wind blows your pizza oven, that could cause a fire hazard,' says Brian Nagele. 'The more sturdy your table, the less likely for this to happen because it will be able to withstand the elements.'

9. Pizza oven tables on wheels for flexibility

outdoor pizza oven on stand with wheels

Portability is a useful feature to consider

(Image credit: Future)

If portability is important to you, Milo Cruz, CMO of Legend Cookware, suggests getting a pizza oven table that has wheels for easy maneuverability. 'Just make sure that you choose one with lockable castors to keep your pizza station secure and minimize the risk of accidents,' Milo adds. 

Grant Robertson points out that plenty of surface space is a must to make cooking and serving up your chosen pizza oven recipes stress-free, too. 'A simple freestanding table or trolley, ideally at a similar height to your cooking equipment, will do the job nicely,' Grant says, adding that a trolley is ideal, as it can be moved from an inside kitchen to an outside station very easily. 

'Having a portable pizza oven table can be really useful if you like to cook in different areas of your garden, or you simply want more flexibility for your pizza party nights,' says Beth Murton. 'In winter, I like to bring our pizza oven closer to the house to a more sheltered location so that we can prep pizzas inside and then cook outdoors. Having a pizza table on wheels would make it much easier to do this, rather than having to lift and carry a table down the garden.'

13. Folding pizza oven tables

Ooni folding pizza oven stand

Ooni's folding table makes it easy to host a pop-up pizza party

(Image credit: Ooni)

'When looking for a pizza table, it pays to ensure that the option you choose is robust, heat-proof and that storage is practical, so that you can keep tools and ingredients within easy reach,' says Nadia McCowan Hill at Wayfair.

For small gardens and patios, Nadia suggests opting for a foldable option. They are a cinch to set up, clean, and transport, and can be easily stored away, meaning they take up less room than you might think.

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