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Gardeningetc team at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022
The Gardeningetc team at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022
(Image credit: Jacky Hobbs/Future)

Gardeningetc.com is the website for anyone looking to create the perfect outdoor living experience. Launched in July 2020, it's packed with 1,000s of design ideas and guides to make your garden a brilliant outdoor living area. It also offers expert advice on how to make your time outdoors the best it can be – from rounding up the best BBQs and hot tubs to kids’ toys that are guaranteed to keep them entertained.

There will also be practical guides on everything from how to build a brilliant decked area to how to achieve an outdoor pool experience on a budget, plus must-read advice on how you can transfer the style principles you use in your home to your garden. For anyone looking for inspiring ideas, our easy-to-follow guides will help you create your first planting scheme, design your perfect patio or successfully grow your own fruit and veg. 

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Editorial team

Headshot of Beth Murton
Beth Murton

My first journalism job was working for Real Homes magazine more than 18 years ago. It cemented my love of all things homes- and garden-related and I've never looked back since. 

I've worked for and contributed to a number of leading magazines in the UK, including Ideal Home magazine, Period Living magazine, Grand Designs magazine and Good Homes magazine amongst others, before returning to Real Homes magazine as editor. Now the editor of Gardeningetc.com, my attention is firmly outdoors, and I'm constantly inspired by the many ways in which people are making use of their outdoor space.

My own garden is a really important part of my family home, and we were lucky enough to inherit a space with lots of lovely mature planting when we bought our 1930s property. 

Since then, we've built several raised beds for a veg patch, increased the size of the flowerbeds to find room for yet more of my favourite David Austin roses and my husband's ever-increasing collection of hostas, created an outdoor living room complete with comfy sofas and festoon lights, and not forgetting the biggest challenge of all – trying to fit in the ever changing assortment of trampolines, climbing frames and outdoor toys that are inevitable when you have two young kids! 

Rhoda Parry
Rhoda Parry

With over 30 years of working in journalism on women's home and lifestyle media brands, I'm the Editorial Director of Gardeningetc, Amateur Gardening, Easy Gardens, Ideal Home, 25 Beautiful Homes and Style at Home.  

I'm a writer and visual creator first and foremost and, when I'm not crafting and creating online and print features, you can find me pottering around my coastal garden on the Sussex coast. With a view of the sea and surrounded by shingle, my outdoor space is a wild plot planted and self-seeded with native plants, such as sea kale, poppies and rambling roses.

Headshot of Laura Crombie
Laura Crombie

I've been writing about homes and gardens for 13 years. I started out as a newspaper reporter, then was editor of a regional magazine, and editorial manager for a travel company (who doesn’t love a free holiday?). I started at Real Homes magazine in 2015 as Deputy Editor and then become Editor before taking on my current position, which focuses on video and events. I love spending time in the garden with my toddler and have a bizarre passion for mowing lawns!

Teresa Conway head shot
Teresa Conway

I have worked as an Editor on a number of gardening magazines for three years now. As well as holding editorship of Easy Gardens magazine and Woman's Weekly gardening I've worked as the gardening specialist on a number of home magazines including Homes & Gardens, Country Homes & Interiors, Ideal Home, Living etc and Style At Home, so I've been lucky enough to see and write about gardening across all sizes, budgets and abilities. And last year I was on the judging panel for the Society of Garden Designers awards which I'll be repeating this year too.

I've recently moved into my first home and the garden is a real project! So I've been loving having the opportunity to plan my own design and planting schemes. What I'm most passionate about when it comes to gardening are the positive effects it has on our mental health to grow and care for plants. I'm also passionate about the environment and keeping my carbon footprint to a minimum. I don't use chemicals and try to get all my materials from sustainable sources (preferably free!).

headshot of Holly Crossley
Holly Crossley

The garden was always a big part of life growing up, as was the surrounding New Forest where we lived. My appreciation for the great outdoors has only grown since then. I’ve been an allotment keeper, a professional gardener, and a botanical illustrator – plants are my passion. But, I love all things digital too. I joined the team at Gardeningetc after working as a freelance content creator for a web agency, whilst studying for my M.Sc. in marketing. Now I’m lucky enough to combine both digital and botanical worlds, every day!

Sarah Wilson headshot
Sarah Wilson

I’ve been a lifestyle journalist for many years and have been writing about gardens since 2015. I’ve written for Gardeningetc, Livingetc, Homes & Gardens, as well as Country Homes & Interiors and Modern Gardens magazines. 

My first job on glossy magazines was at Elle, during which time a visit to the legendary La Colombe d'Or in St-Paul-de-Vence led to an interest in all things gardening. Later as lifestyle editor at Country Homes & Interiors magazine the real pull was the run of captivating country gardens that were featured. Having studied introductory garden and landscape design as well as a course in floristry, I am currently putting the skills learned to good use in my own space where the dream is establishing a cutting garden.

Garry Coward-Williams holding pots containing peat compost and peat-free compost
Garry Coward-Williams

I’ve been editor of the world’s oldest gardening magazine for the last 4 years, delivering weekly practical content to our vast audience of garden enthusiasts of all abilities. 

There is always something to do in the garden, even in the depths of winter, and most of my time out of work hours is devoted to improving my own garden. My passions are growing potatoes in borders and containers, fighting a constant battle to keep my various climbing roses pest-free, making the best home-made compost and more recently creating a rock garden. In the last year I’ve also planted an ornamental cherry and transplanted six copper beeches to a better site. 

As gardeners we are always on a journey of discovery, no matter how experienced we are and so I’m delighted to be part of the highly talented team at Gardeningetc so I can share some of those experiences with you.

headshot of Ruth Hayes
Ruth Hayes

I have been the gardening editor of Amateur Gardening magazine since 2014 and spend my working days carrying out, writing about and photographing the tasks our readers should be carrying out each week, as well as testing many of the new products that arrive on the gardening market.

I am horticulturally trained, with a qualification from the Royal Horticultural Society, and my work varies with the seasons and includes everything from sowing and planting, to pruning, taking cuttings, dealing with pests and diseases and keeping houseplants healthy.

It is a wonderful job in spring and summer, though not always so easy in the depths of winter when everything seems cold, wet, brown and muddy!

I cover ornamental plants and edible crops and everything I write about and photograph is in my own garden, a mature plot that has been a work in progress since my family moved to our current house in 2012.

Before joining Amateur Gardening, I worked in regional newspapers for more than 20 years but have always had a garden and enjoyed gardening. My main interests are gardening for wildlife and organic gardening, as I firmly believe you don’t need to ‘nuke’ pests and problems with toxic chemicals, nor use peat composts to produce the garden of your dreams.

Headshot of Janey Goulding
Janey Goulding

As assistant editor for Amateur Gardening magazine, I feel blessed to be able to learn on the job every day from some of the most amazing gardening enthusiasts. That said, my gardening passion was fostered from an early age, when my amazing mum had me deadheading hydrangeas, mulching roses, and propagating strawberry plants from runners for school open days.

My gardening childhood was like living with Tom and Barbara from The Good Life, with figs growing in the greenhouse, homemade blueberry jams piled high, and demijohns filled with dad’s elderflower sherry experiments. That botanical playground is something I crave, as city living has generally meant doing without a conventional outdoor space. Still, I am slowly transforming my thimble-sized abode into a haven of vertical vegetation. I’ve also taken part in lots of conservation and rewilding projects for the RHS and TCV as a way of exploring my horticultural horizons whilst helping to create and maintain beautiful spaces for others.

One of my biggest inspirations is Richard Reynolds, a pioneer of ‘guerrilla gardening’, which transforms outdoor spaces like city roundabouts into intoxicating medleys of regeneration. And my favourite public garden is Heligan, which showcases bamboo tunnels and towering bananas alongside historical productive gardens and giant topiary sculptures. 

When I grow up, I would like a Victorian conservatory, some proper old-fashioned cold frames and bell cloches, and a better system for storing all my seed packets.

Ecommerce team

Lindsey Davis author image
Lindsey Davis

As Editor in Chief for Homes Ecommerce, working on Gardeningetc, Livingetc, Real Homes, Ideal Home and Homes & Gardens, my passion is making sure readers can find all the information they need before making a purchase for their property. 

On the weekends, I also live all things home related, maintaining my Victorian cottage and its very long, narrow garden. I'm in a never-ending battle with the weeds, but love creating a space for wildlife. I'm aiming to give my garden a look that I best describe as 'cottage garden for the 21st century'. 

Annie Collyer author image
Annie Collyer

As Deputy Ecommerce Editor at Gardeningetc, I spend most of my time helping you add those all-important garden decor items to your shopping cart. From striking outdoor lighting to pretty and practical bird feeders, or even a gift for a friend or family member who loves to garden – I cover it all. Otherwise, I spend my time thinking of ways to maximise space out on my delightful yet teeny-tiny London terrace. Next on my shopping list: a fire pit...

Millie Fender
Millie Fender

I've been writing for Gardeningetc since the beginning of 2021, covering all things barbecues, patio heaters, and fire pits. A lover of al fresco dining, I'm always on the hunt for the best barbecues and pizza ovens for entertaining friends and family. I'm also a firm believer that everyone should have their own herb garden, and can often be found taming my over-zealous rosemary plant. 

Amy Lockwood - Garden Design & Outdoor Spaces - Livingetc, Homes & Gardens, Gardeningetc
Amy Lockwood

I write about interiors and decoration for Livingetc, Homes & Gardens and Real Homes, bringing my design expertise outdoors into the garden for Gardeningetc

Initially honing my green thumb growing indoor plants in my first-floor apartment, I greatly appreciate the benefits we gain from coexisting with plants, including improved wellbeing, air purification, and reductions in the chemical VOCs that are slowly released into our homes from manmade materials. 

My wider interest in gardening embraces the design principles of permaculture; considering how we can best balance our valuable outdoor spaces to restore health to our own patches of soil, boost diversity for plants and wildlife, grow healthy nutritionally-dense food, and embrace outdoor living with style-conscious design that helps us to relax, entertain and improve our overall wellbeing through our relationship with nature. 

caroline preece author image
Caroline Preece

Writing for Gardeningetc since the start of 2021, I'm a tech expert and passionate about how an outdoor space can complement interior style. In my own time I am creating my own little oasis on my small balcony, or adding yet another houseplant to my extensive (and ever-growing!) collection.

Jennifer Oksien
Jennifer Oksien

I'm the Appliances Editor for the Ecommerce team at Gardeningetc and look after our barbecue-related content, along with appliance and mattress content across our other Future Homes titles. When I'm is not scouting out the best offers and products for your outside cooking stations, I enjoy growing vegetables, flowers and herbs from seed. Up until recently I had an allotment, too, where I grew a bumper crop of rainbow carrots, sweetcorn and marrows – the crop was so successful in fact, I ended up giving it away to neighbouring gardeners!

author image
Molly Cleary

I'm the Ecommerce Writer for Gardeningetc and spends my time searching the internet for the next best thing for your garden. When I'm not writing, I would most like to be swimming in the nearest sea/ocean or getting through my neverending pile of novels. I'm a huge fan of houseplants and love identifying new plants and trees on walks too. 

Contributing writers

headshot of Graham Rice
Graham Rice

I've been a garden writer for many years and have won awards for my work online, and in books and magazines, on both sides of the Atlantic. I have been the Gardening Correspondent of two national newspapers in Britain, published more than 20 books, and have written for Organic Gardening magazine, The American Gardener, Fine Gardening and Amateur Gardening. 

I was the recipient of the 2021 Garden Media Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, and for many years was a judge at the Chelsea Flower Show. I'm also a member of a number of Royal Horticultural Society committees. 

I gardened in Pennsylvania in the United States for 20 years, but have recently returned to my native England. 

headshot of Fiona Cumberpatch
Fiona Cumberpatch

I’m an experienced freelance journalist, editor and columnist writing for national magazines and websites. I now specialise in gardens, and I enjoy finding and writing about all kinds, from the tiniest town plots to impressively designed ones in grand country houses. I’m a firm believer that gardening is for everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you have a single window ledge or an acre, there’s always peace and joy to be found outside. The small town garden of my Edwardian terraced house is currently a work in progress as we renovate the property, but my goal is always to fill it with flowers, climbers, colour, fragrance – and as many of my treasured vintage finds as I can possibly fit in. 

Headshot of Lucy Chamberlain
Lucy Chamberlain

I studied horticulture at Writtle and Wye colleges, before going on to be a Horticultural Advisor at RHS Wisley for 6 years. I developed an interest in writing after compiling small articles for The Garden magazine, and was then recruited as Gardening Editor at Amateur Gardening magazine, then Editor of Grow Your Own magazine, for 4 and 6 years respectively. 

I've been Head Gardener on a 100-acre private Essex estate for the past 7 years, but still write regularly for titles such as The Garden, Gardeners’ World, The Guardian and Amateur Gardening. 

I've also contributed to various RHS books, being sole author of the RHS Step by Step Veg Patch. I've been the guest expert on BBC Essex for 10+ years, and I co-host the Talking Heads gardening podcast with my Head Gardener friend, Saul Walker.

headshot of Anne Swithinbank
Anne Swithinbank

I grew up in North Kent on the outskirts of London and from a young age was fascinated by plants and nature in general. Having trained at Kew, worked in parks department nurseries and as Glasshouse Supervisor at RHS Wisley, I have been a freelance horticulturist since 1986. 

The early days were a mixture of small landscaping projects, garden maintenance, writing and presenting alongside Geoff Hamilton on Gardeners’ World. Other TV highlights were two series of ‘Bloom’ for Channel 4 and ‘Gardens of The Caribbean’. 

I've been a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time for 27 years and began writing for Amateur Gardening at the same time as moving from a dry, sandy soil in Surrey to clay with flints in East Devon 23 years ago. A large plot full of wildlife habitats, edible and ornamental plants is my workshop and inspiration. 

headshot of Lisa Hallett Taylor
Lisa Hallett Taylor

Several years ago, I dug up the front lawn of my Southern California home and replaced it with drought-tolerant plants, including natives and succulents. I have a B.A. from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, and a certificate in landscape design. I've written about gardening and outdoor living since 2008 for various websites and magazines, including About.com, TheSpruce, and Laguna Beach Magazine. Hailing from ancestors who were do-it-yourselfers, my family and I spend our spare time restoring our Midcentury Modern home. One of my longtime goals is to have a sustainable vegetable garden like my grandmother did in Texas.

headshot of Jill Morgan
Jill Morgan

I put my love of plants and all things garden related, down to the hours spent pottering around with my Nan and Grandad when I was little. There was never a moment at their house when we weren’t weeding, pruning, planting or harvesting cucumbers or dahlias from the lean-to greenhouse. My Grandad’s shed was a place of wonder, and I can still recall the musky smell.  Today I am lucky enough to have a garden of my own in Surrey and spend much of my time writing about them too. A typical long-thin town garden it features favourite flowers along with the odd veg plant and the usual assortment of toys, bikes and… oh a couple of guinea pigs too. 

Headshot of Sarah Warwick
Sarah Warwick

I'm a freelance journalist and editor writing for websites, national newspapers, and magazines. I've spent most of my journalistic career specialising in homes and gardens – long enough to see interiors that blur the indoor/outdoor link become a must-have. I love investigating the benefits, costs and practicalities of home improvement, both indoors and out, and it's no big surprise that I like to put what I write about into practice, so I'm a serial house revamper.

headshot of Alex Temblador
Alex Temblador

I'm a Mixed Latinx award-winning author and freelance writer based in Dallas, Texas. Here, I'm well placed to test all things outdoor living, be it the most serious of grills to the latest hot tub. My work in the home space has appeared in outlets like Real Homes, Dwell, Architectural Digest, Culture Trip, Neighborhoods.com, among many others.

Nicola Stocken head shot
Nicola Stocken

I'm both a photographer and writer, conveying the beauty of gardens and plants through words and pictures that appear in publications all over the world, as well as in greetings cards and calendars. 

For some 30 years, I have photographed widely throughout the British Isles, meeting the remarkable people behind some of the loveliest gardens, specialist nurseries and unique plant collections.

My love of plants is second only to that of photographing a garden for the first time, of capturing its different moods as the light shifts from the golden hours of dawn to the deepening pinks of sunset. 

In my spare time, I play flute, run, paddleboard and attempt to control my own garden beside the River Thames.

headshot of Zia Allaway
Zia Allaway

I'm a garden book author, editor, and journalist, and write for a range of gardening and women’s magazines, including Easy Gardens, Homes & Gardens and Livingetc, as well as The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph newspapers. 

I've also also written books for the Royal Horticultural Society and Dorling Kindersley publishers, including Eco-Gardening, Compost, Low Maintenance, Practical House Plant Book, Practical Cactus & Succulent Book, Indoor Edible Garden, What Plant Where, and the Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers.

headshot of John Negus
John Negus

I've been answering gardening queries for over 50 years, on radio, in RHS roadshows and for the last 40-odd years in Amateur Gardening magazine. I was trained in horticulture at RHS Wisley and Merrist Wood College and bring a lifetime of experience in helping people with their gardening problems.

headshot of Linda Clayton
Linda Clayton

I fell for the interiors world soon after graduating Cardiff’s School for Journalism, following a very brief stint news reporting that only proved I’m more passionate about cushions than war crimes. That was more than two decades ago now, and I’ve been happily writing for the likes of Homes & Gardens, Livingetc, Ideal Home and Real Homes ever since.  

Our current home in Devon was previously a commercial nursery – they grew the plants that garden centres buy. When we arrived in 2016, the half-acre plot boasted three massive polytunnels and a glass greenhouse to rival those at Kew Gardens. We sold the lot, levelled the ground, chucked down some grass seed, then focused on making the inside of the house habitable. This year the garden is back on our radar and we have grand plans to pave and plant out the front garden and around the house (currently resembling a builder’s yard), and possibly 'do something' about the barren field that is our lawn! 

Headshot of Sarah Giles
Sarah Giles

I'm a freelance journalist and I'm lucky to be able to write about my two main passions: gardening and food. Ten years ago I moved from a house with a tiny town garden to a much bigger space in the country and since then I've slowly been putting into practice all the garden design ideas I've been mulling over for years. Trouble is, as soon as I've got the garden looking how I think I want it, I decide to start on a new project so it's a constant 'work in progress'. I took on an allotment last year too, and I'm really loving growing all my own fruit and veg then bringing it home to try out in new recipes for my food and gardening blog, A Cook's Plot.

Headshot of Claire Ratinon
Claire Ratinon

I'm an organic food grower and writer based in East Sussex. I've grown edible plants in a variety of roles from growing organic vegetables for the Ottolenghi restaurant, Rovi to delivering growing workshops throughout London to audiences including primary schools, community centres and corporate clients. I've also been invited to share my growing journey and experiences in talks and workshops for organisations including The Garden Museum, the Royal College of Art and West Dean College as well as having presented features for Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time. My writing has been featured in The New Statesmen, Bloom Magazine and The Modern House Journal and my book, How To Grow Your Dinner Without Leaving The House, is out now.

Headshot of Amy Hodge freelance writer
Amy Hodge

I'm a freelance journalist with over 16 years experience writing for consumer magazines and websites, writing on everything from gardens and interiors, to tech and food.

I've always loved spending time outdoors and since moving to the countryside a few years ago, I've become a keen gardener. 

In my spare time I have slowly been transforming my garden, building a dedicated fruit and veg plot and a seating area overlooking the local fields. I've learned lots of new skills along the way and enjoy growing my own fruit and vegetables. 

Headshot of Geraldine Sweeney
Geraldine Sweeney

I'm a gardener and garden writer, who has worked for over 12 years in historic public gardens and private gardens around London. I've written articles for Easy Gardens, Which? Gardening and Women’s Weekly Gardening Special magazines and for Gardeningetc.com. I've also edited the book Britain’s Favourite Plants for the RHS.

I have a north-facing London garden with cottage-style planting, where I aim to keep the colour display going as long as possible, watched by two resident cats, visiting squirrels and foxes. I'm planning to create more wildlife-friendly features in the garden. I loves working with plants, discovering new ones and writing about them. 

Headshot of Sophie Warren Smith
Sophie Warren-Smith

I've been an interior stylist and journalist for over 20 years and have worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time, both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor for indie magazine, 91, I trained to be a florist last year and recently launched The Prettiest Posy where I curate beautiful flowers for weddings and events. 

Natasha Goodfellow head shot
Natasha Goodfellow

I am a writer, editor, publisher and curator, and write regularly for titles including Gardens Illustrated, Elle Decoration and Country Life among others. 

A former deputy editor of Homes & Antiques magazine, I left to become the fair manager of GROW London, the contemporary garden fair on Hampstead Heath. I have since worked with award-winning garden designers Luciano Giubbilei and Arabella Lennox-Boyd and with the Boglione family at Petersham Nurseries on their recent books. 

I've also also written and produced illustrated maps and guides for garden lovers via my company, Finch Publishing and curate events at the Garden Museum in London and at Sussex Prairies near Brighton.

Sally Jenner head shot
Sally Jenner

I’m Sally and I garden in Bournemouth, UK, zone 8a (H5). I instinctively got into gardening as a young adult. Working at a garden centre when I was 23, I realised straight away the therapeutic power of being around greenery and nurturing plants. I’m horticulturally trained to degree level and have worked on gardening magazines for over a decade. 

My guilty pleasure is watching TV garden makeover shows – I love finding simple and creative solutions to transforming an outdoor space, and I like to keep an eye on what varieties top garden designers use. There are many gardening styles and plants that I love but if I had to take one group of plants to a desert island, it would be trees and shrubs that have aromatic foliage like Eucalyptus parvula and Lavender ‘Grosso’. 

lisa fazzani headshot
Lisa Fazzani

I'm a freelance journalist who has written about interiors for more than 25 years and I've also worked on all the major homes titles, primarily Ideal Home, but also Homes & Gardens, Country Homes & Interiors, Style at Home, Livingetc, Woman & Home, Easy Gardens and Good Homes magazines. Homes and interiors have always been a passion and I never tire of nosying around gorgeous homes and gardens, whether on TV, online, in print or in person, as well as being a serial shopper/bargain hunter. A keen gardener and allotmenteer, a summer house project at the end of the garden is next on my to-do list!

Stephanie Durrant headshot
Stephanie Durrant

I'm the Deputy Editor of Style at Home magazine. I'm an experienced journalist with more than 12 years under my belt, working across the UK’s leading home magazines. 

While I enjoy gardening and enthusiastically stroll around garden centers, I do struggle to get the balance right when it comes to nurturing plants, despite my best efforts. I usually stick to potted alpine varieties in my own small garden, such as sea thrift and succulents that can deal with some neglect! However, one day I dream of a large outdoor space with colourful wild flowers, billowing cherry blossoms and sweet-scented honeysuckle and jasmine filling the air.

Liz Marvin headshot
Liz Marvin

I'm the author of a number of books about plants, including The Windowsill Gardener (Michael O’Mara Publishing), a beautifully illustrated book, which is all about helping readers to start their own indoor gardens from scratch. As well as being a writer and editor I live by the sea in south-east England. I write a lot about nature, and in particular how having more contact with it can enrich our lives. Whether that’s simply a houseplant on a windowsill, or a walk through a forest.

Sarah Forsyth headshot
Sarah Forsyth

I’ve been a horticultural writer and editor for more than 20 years, working on websites, magazines, books, radio shows and TV. My life-long love of plants, especially houseplants, was triggered by my parents and my grandparents! I am passionate about orchids, and for 10 years I was Editor of The Orchid Review magazine for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). I am a member of the RHS Orchid Committee, and a trainee Orchid Judge. My early career, at the BBC, was spent on Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question TimeGardeners’ World magazine and the BBC Gardening Website. I then worked on Garden Answers magazine, returning to the BBC to join Gardeners’ World TV show. I left the RHS two years ago to become self-employed, editing and designing books about orchids and writing about plants. I travel a lot and love seeing tropical plants in the wild, and tending my 100+ plants at home.   

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